Nine So-called ‘Health Foods That Are Overrated

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Are you eating particular food because of its health benefits? Think again before you take the next bite because that healthy food just might be packed with calories that you want to avoid. Thanks to advertising and misinformation, a lot of us end up eating food that, in reality, we should avoid.
To help you become more alert about such food, we asked two dieticians from Nutrition Energy, Lauren Antonucci and Lisa Moskovitz, to unmask so-called health food:

Reduced-fat peanut butter
Only sugar is left when fat is removed from peanut butter. According to Moskovitz, not only does reduced-fat peanut butter has the same amount of calories as original peanut butter, it also contains the double the amount of carbohydrate. In conclusion, stick to the original peanut butter because you will eat less, as it is more filling.

Bran Muffin
Bran muffins are considered a healthy treat with coffee. In reality, a bran muffin has around 400 calories and 15 grams of fat. The sugar and refined flour are the culprits. If you cannot skip it, opt for homemade bran muffins that are made from low-fat recipe.

Fat-free salad dressing
Individuals who are watching their blood pressure should avoid fat-free salad dressing at all cost because it is packed with sodium. Sodium raises the blood pressure, which is the last thing you would want. If you love salad dressing, switch to be low-salt dressing like balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.

Did you know a single roll of sushi contains more than 500 calories? So even eating a single roll will ruin your diet and nutrition plan. If you do not want to consume too many calories, while eating sushi, then avoid the following ingredients in sushi rolls: mayo sauce, cream cheese, shredded cheese and tempura.

According to experts, both spreads have the same amount of calories. However, margarine is more dangerous because it contains trans-fat. This will increase the bad cholesterol in your body. If you have heart problems, then you are better off without margarine.

Some brands of yoghurt have a high amount of fat and sugar that makes it dangerous for dieters. Avoid flavored yoghurt because it causes more damage than good.

Protein bars
Protein bars might seem like a healthy snack but in reality, it contains twice the amount of carbohydrate and fatter than chocolate brownies. Look for a brand of protein bars that have around five grams of fat and less than 180 calories.

Dried Fruit
A ¼ cup of dried fruit has more than 100 calories. Since dried fruits are small, you will not be able to control the amount you eat. Switch to frozen or fresh fruits, if you do not want to eat a calorie-filled snack.

Turkey burgers
A turkey patty in a turkey burger contains more than 600 calories and 30 grams of fat. Moskovitz recommends limiting the portion size of your burger by sharing it with a family member or friend.

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