Muscle-Building: Things That Sabotage Your Workout

May 7, 2012 Comments Off

A good workout is not enough to help build your muscles. If you want to build your muscles, everything thing you do will either contribute or negate your workout. Jeff Bell, who works as an exercise physiologist, stresses that everything from your social life to personal habits can affect how your muscles develop. It is true that regularly going to the weight room is a very important step towards muscle building. However, it is not sufficient!

We have gathered some top tips from experts on what things to avoid, if you want your muscles to develop well:

Not concentrating enough on the basics
Most lifters believe that performing isolation exercises like leg extensions and chest flies are sufficient to make their muscles develop. They do not realize that basic exercises like squats and bench presses also help your body’s muscle groups work together. According to Allen Hedrick, who is the strength and conditioning coach at the Air Force Academy, basic exercises will push the body’s anterior pituitary gland to produce more growth hormones. The release of this hormone will contribute to your muscle growth. In short, you need to keep a balance between basic and isolation exercises so that your muscles develop well.

Participating in sports will affect your muscle’s growth
If you love shooting hoops or whacking the tennis ball regularly, then note that this will affect your muscle-building workout. Jeff bell points out that participating in extra activities will make your body use up the excess calories for fuel thus it will not be able to rebuild the muscles. The solution to this problem is to keep your cardiovascular activity to the minimum. Around 20 minutes, three times a week is sufficient.

Smoking and drinking will not help your muscle’s growth
According to research, smoking ruins one’s strength training completely. You take in carbon monoxide in your system when you smoke so your body does not receive enough oxygen for use. If your muscles do not receive enough oxygen, then the muscles will not contract properly. This will limit its capacity for work. On the other hand, alcohol covers your abs with fat, this prevents the hormones from helping the abs to develop. Scott Swartzwelder, a clinical professor from Duke University, adds that drinking alcohol regularly will also decrease the testosterone level and reduce the muscle mass.

Don’t starve yourself and drink plenty of water
Make sure you eat well after every workout because if you deprive yourself of food, your body will break down the muscles into amino acids and covert it into glucose. Experts recommend eating a high-carbohydrate meal after your workout. They also stress on drinking around 10 glasses of water every day. Drinking water will help your body process protein correctly.

Sleep well so your muscles recover properly
You need to get enough sleep to help your muscle recover well. In addition, if you are not sleeping well, then you will not work out in your full capacity. You might think your muscles are getting enough exercises, in reality; you are not stressing your muscles enough to help it grow.

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