Meditation – The Solution to Stress

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Stress is the body’s triggered response to a certain situation that requires a lot of us. People have stressful responses to all types of daily demands. With the science of stillness (meditation), all the stress can be removed just like that. All you need to do is sit still, quietly in a chair for a good 20 minutes at least twice a day.

How Can You Eliminate Stress Today?

The science of stillness teaches that there are 3 things that can help eliminate stress. They are:

  • Going to sleep by 10pm
  • Avoiding alcohol and coffee
  • Sitting quietly twice a day

What Are The Effects Of Stress? How Can We Possibly Overcome Something That Happens To All Of Us On A Daily Basis?
When an individual is stressed, it affects the brain’s ability to interpret the way we see, feel and interact with the world. It creates somewhat of a disorder in the body. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton at the Stanford Medical School, stress is responsible for causing 95% of all sicknesses that we face.

Sitting still twice a day can eliminate stress altogether. In fact, practicing this technique just once can make a huge difference. 

Why Is It So Difficult For People To Change?

It is the programming and unwillingness of our minds that restrict the way we really want to behave. Society as a whole has become deeply conditioned and as a result, has become accustom to stress. Freeing yourself from this programming can give you a stress free life.

How Does What I Eat Affect My Happiness?

Research shows that toxic foods deprive our bodies of energy and leave us in a state of laziness and inactivity. Eating the right, energy giving foods such as nuts, seeds and vegetables, our bodies become energized and feel much lighter.

Why Do People End Up Binge Eating? How Can You Change That Habit?

Binge eating occurs when people feel some sort of emptiness or disconnection in their lives. Every human being has a yearning to feel and be with someone that can fill our inner void. People need to reconnect with themselves and build self-love. This can be obtained through the science of stillness.

How Can People That Work Overcome Poor Eating And Stress?

Try and find some time alone for yourself. Get away from the office lights, computers, air conditioners and all office related spaces. In your lunch break, instead of going to the cafeteria, go outside and spend some quality time with nature. Stretch periodically at your work desk. Try and sit still after you get off work in order to calm your energy.

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