Make a Little Haven for Your Kid

April 6, 2012 Comments Off

Many parents do not ask their children while decorating their rooms. They think that they know better what is best for their kids, but it is always recommended to ask your kids before decorating their room. You could try decorating the room of your child by using a theme that your kid loves the most. Themes based on the favorite Disney cartoon character, Barbie, superhero, etc. of your kid should be kept in mind while decorating their room.

However, if your budget is limited, and you could not afford to try out various themes and furniture for your kid, then choosing the right color alone would serve the purpose. Keeping in consideration the favorite color of your children would be enough to keep them happy and delighted.

Avoid any dark shades, as they tend to give a dull and mature look. White theme should also be avoided as kids may scribble on the walls, and white color would show every mark on them. Ask the favorite color of your kids and paint the same color on their room to make them love the room.

If you have a limited budget and could not afford to follow a proper theme, then you could simply paint the favorite characters on the wall. Most of the boys love Spiderman, superman or Mickey mouse whereas girls love Barbie doll, butterflies or flowers. By doing all this, you would add colors to the room and make interior of your kid’s room more beautiful and eye-catching. You could also put wind chimes, paper lanterns, etc. to give room an elegant look. Stick colorful wallpapers on the room keeping in mind the preferred color or Disney character of your kids. However, if your kids love animals, then you could put toys of their favorite animal in their room or hanging birds if they love birds.

During planning the interior of the room, make sure that you make your kid a part of renovation and ask them about their favorite colors and characters. Never try to guess about the choice of your kid rather than asking for their direct opinion. Print and place the material the way they want it to be. As a result of this, you would give a unique and creative look to the room of your kids and tell all the little friends proudly about their room.

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