Looking For a Job? : Here Are Tips for Fresh Grads

September 22, 2012 Comments Off

Unemployment rates are improving in the country, finding the right job is still difficult. This may be problematic for new grads with little or no experience.  The following tips will get you on the proper track to your desired career.

Utilize school resources
Many universities and colleges allow graduates to utilize their career services for at least one year after graduation. You should take advantage of these services.

Register yourself on LinkedIn
Start using professional social networks like LinkedIn and Branchout (Facebook) to hunt for jobs. Take advantage of people who are listed and design your profile according to the career you want.

Network offline
When you are not online, try reaching your friends, colleagues and ex-teachers for possible lead-generation. Attend workshops, seminars, alumni events and job fairs whenever possible.

Print business cards
Get business cards printed which have your details such as your name, cell number, website etc. If you are talking to professionals or are at a job fair you won’t have to write your information down if they ask you. Simply give your business card.

If work experience is what you lack then try building a career in freelancing, part-time or volunteer fields in some industry. It is not always a positive step to sit at your PC and browse online for Jobs. Freelancing and volunteering will also help you polish your skills and add another item to your curriculum vitae.

Practice giving an interview
You will never clear an interview session without practicing. Call a friend over or tell your family member to take your interview to help you practice. Practice with common questions such as “your strengths and weaknesses?” or “why do you feel that you are the best person for this job?”  A 30 second elevator speech comprising of your goals and your experience will help you a lot.

Don’t forget to research
Be prepared to receive an interview call. Read the company website, annual reports and trade journals. Know what the company delivers in terms of services or products. You should also have knowledge of the company’s competitors. The more knowledge you possess, the more your selection chances increase.

Thank-you emails
Every time you go for an interview, try sending a thank-you email when you come back home. This will allow the company to remember you while giving the recruiter a positive impression about you.

Try asking questions
Once you land a new job, don’t relax. Stand out, make yourself invaluable by dressing well, arriving early, staying late and don’t forget to ask questions regarding standard operating procedures. It is better to ask rather than make mistakes by guessing.

A friendly personality
When introducing yourself to peers and colleagues of your company, be nice and try volunteering in projects. Attend all the seminars after regular business hours as well as planned business retreats. Even if this job is a stepping stone to the next potential level, try positioning yourself in the best way to advance in the company.

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