Keeping Kids Happy During a Move

January 31, 2013 Comments Off

By – Heather Roberts

Moving can be a big deal especially for kids and their fragile emotions and for that reason you will need to pay extra attention to them during a move. Whether you’re moving across town or across the world the change of scenery, friends and school will all have a significant impact on the lives of your kids as they are forced to adapt to unknown circumstances which often appear too scary and difficult for them to comprehend. For the most part during the move the kids will have to be kept away during the process as it involves heavy objects and lots of sensitive content in the boxes being shipped.

Things can go wrong so a good tactic is to let the kids enjoy some time with their friends or other family in town until all is ready and they can get on the car with you for that final road trip. Few kids will be happy about a move however so you will need to keep them entertained while they are in the car so we will provide you with a few decent ideas to back you up:

1.Children’s books
These can be a real lifesaver during a trip as it will let you enjoy it more if your kids are the reading sort. If that is not the case then fear not you can always grab an audiobook to have them listen to it and turn pages if need be. The Tag Reading System is a relatively recent invention which allows kids to learn reading via electronic means.

Having some music the kids like will be a key point in trying to keep them occupied. Try singing with them and they will emulate and join in for some fun family time. It may be difficult to listen to children’s songs for an extended trip so make sure you have alternatives they would also like to listen to as well.

3.Glow sticks
If you’re traveling at night these are a great way to keep your kids occupied. They will more or less be fascinated with the glow. If you’re not driving you can even have a little lightsaber fight or you could just explain to them how they work and who uses them.

4.Snacks and sweets
Lets face it most kids are like miniature black holes when it comes to sweets – one second that piece of candy you bought is there and then poof they are gone. Have a nice selection of sweets prepared and give them away in sets from time to time to keep the kids entertained – just remember to grab some for yourself too!

5.Conversation games
There are far too many possibilities with this to be bored during a trip. Even we as adults do it often and we enjoy the sense of rivalry between us when we play. You can play anything such as the Alphabet game, I Spy, Twenty Questions, The Echo game as long as they are entertained and invested into what you’re doing so they won’t run amok in the back seat.

Depending on the season and time of the day you can have the kids well-dressed so they can keep warm. Warm kids means sooner or later they will start to get sleepy once their energy depletes so they’ll be nice and quiet for quite some time before the moving is over.

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