Is Eating Meat Ethical?

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For centuries, debate and discourse between Vegetarians and Carnivores has been going on. While vegetarians think eating meat is un-ethical and inhumane, carnivores say meat, and protein is essential for the human body, and there is nothing un-ethical in consuming it. In this article, we will go through the point of views of both parties and conclude at the end.


Following are some of the claims that you will listen if you get into a debate with a vegan.

  • Slaughtering animals is inhumane. Nowadays, things are even worse, animals don’t have to simply die They are raised in miserable conditions from the moment  of their birth. They are abused all their life and slaughtered at the end to put out of misery.
  • Animals do have feelings as we do. That is why you see them struggling in the paroxysm of pain in the slaughter house. An act of slaughtering is monstrous.
  • Animals and humans both have desires but only men have the ability to make a choice. If humanity fails to control their desires, there will be no difference left between animals and humans.
  • Eating meat results in several diseases like osteoporosis; 50% of cardiac diseases are caused from meat consumption, and breast cancer can be reduced by 80% by quitting eating meat. According to China Health Project, deaths can be cut by 95%, only by converting people to vegans.

Words of Albert Einstein, that most vegans quote:

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”


On the other hand, carnivores have their strong believes as well.

  • They say that, the claim of treating animals in an inhumane way is totally baseless. They understand their ethical and moral obligations, and they raise animals with care and respect.
  •  Meat producers say that they are responsible for feeding the hungry world. They do it a positive way and provide food in affordable price.
  • Meat producers develop hundreds of jobs in rural areas, which results in contributing to the economic stability of a country.
  • Some meat consumers don’t believe that animals and men are morally equal. Famous philosophers like Aquinas, Descartes and Kant claims that, animals don’t have  soul and feelings as human beings do.
  • According to scientific inquiry, meat is abundant in various healthy nutrients that are essential for the human body. Meat contains proteins, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins A, B and D. These nutrients have many benefits and are required for healthy growth of the human body.


This debate cannot be concluded with a yes/no decision. Eating meat has many medical benefits, and so do vegetables. However, choosing to eat only one of them can cause deficiency in essential nutrients. There is a reason for which mankind is bestowed with both types of teeth, to chew meat and vegetable. Therefore, it is wise to have a mixed healthy diet. A diet in which one can enjoy an abundance of protein in meat and use antioxidants in vegetables for detoxification.

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