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Incredible Home-made Exfoliators For your Skin

Home-made skin care exfoliators are some of the best exfoliators for skin! Not only, they are all natural, but home-made exfoliators also guarantee that your skin remains soft all the time! Whether you are just struggling to get rid of some breakouts, you might be getting, or you’re trying to avoid the breakouts, home-made exfoliators can assist!

1.  Lavender, Coffee & Sugar Scrub

This is one of the home-made exfoliators that I use often. The soothing effects of lavender, the scrub of the coffee and the sugar make this exfoliator best available! Seriously, if you are seeking something to soothe your blackhead skin, this is the home-made exfoliator for you!

The 3 Week Diet

2. Sugar & Olive Oil

Sugar and olive oil have been one of the most well-known home-made exfoliators out there! All you do is take some sugar, and add some olive oil, and you got yourself an unbelievable, conditioning scrub! The blend of the oil and sugar makes a superb conditioning agent that also will scrub away all of those dead cells.

3. Salt & Lemon

If you have been getting a bunch of issues with oily skin, do not worry! This is one of the home-made exfoliators that are best for oily skin! The lemon juice will clean away all of that oil while the salt will scrub away all other skin damaging things.

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4. Strawberries & Honey

I am really a big fan of strawberries with honey; this sweet exfoliator is amazing! Not only, it lightens up any harsh skin that you have, but the strawberry seeds work miracles for removing any dead skin you have!

6. Honey & Sugar

Honey has a lot of benefits for skin care, and I have to say, blending it with a little sugar makes a superb scrub! This scrub will not only soften up your skin, but it will make it your skin radiant and glowing!

The 3 Week Diet

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