How to Use Lemon Juice to Clean Your Coffee Maker

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Why It Is Important to Clean Your Coffee Maker?
If you love to make coffee at home, your coffee maker can be the most frequently used machine in your house. At the same time, it requires regular cleaning. You may be relaxed about it because you clean it often. But did you ever wonder that cleaning it well from the inside is equally essential?

Always remember that it needs some extra cleaning. This is because calcium, sediment, mold, and lime slowly build-up in the coffee maker if it does not go through a proper cleaning process. Although you can make coffee from it, it cannot taste as great as it used to when you newly bought your coffee maker.

Why Using Vinegar Is Bad For Your Coffee Maker?
Many people clean their coffee makers with vinegar. Vinegar is proven to be an effective and natural source to clean kitchen counters, stoves, and electronic appliances. However, it is unsuitable to clean coffee makers with it. One of the key reasons behind it is that when you clean the inside of your coffee maker with vinegar, it leaves an unpleasant smell within it.

Its effect is so strong that you can taste it in your coffee. No matter, how many coffee cups you make with your coffee maker, the smell of vinegar will not go away.

Lemon Juice as the Best Cleaning Solution
Homemakers and restaurant owners always welcome the refreshing smell of lemons to clean their kitchen appliances. This is because lemons are used as the best cleaners. Similarly, using lemon juice to clean your coffee maker can help you save a lot of money. Therefore, it eliminates your worries to spend money on buying harsh cleaning chemicals.

What makes lemon the best natural cleaner for your coffee maker is its antibacterial properties. It consists of acid. That is why it can help you get rid of residue built up inside your coffee maker.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Lemon Juice

  • Make sure that your coffee maker does not contain any coffee grounds. Wash your coffee maker slightly with water.
  • Now, switch off the coffee maker.
  • Fill the pot of your coffee maker with half water and half lemon juice. Now, pour this mixture into your coffee maker. However, do not switch your coffee maker on. Let the mixture be there for fifteen minutes.
  • After fifteen minutes, turn it on so the mixture runs through it well.
  • After it has been stirred well, switch the coffee maker off. Wait for fifteen minutes again so that the mixture remains there for some time. Also, wait for the mixture to cool.
  • Turn it on again and run the lemon juice and water through again.
  • Now, turn it off again and empty the pot. Rinse it thoroughly many times.
  • Clean the inside of the coffee maker again with a sponge by dipping it into the lemon juice. After that, make sure that you rinse it well.


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