How To Take Good Care Of Your Body

March 7, 2012 Comments Off

In the modern world of today, we have forgotten or abandoned altogether the consumption of natural and healthy foods, which our ancestors were inclined to have as part of their better lives. We resort to precooked, packaged foods, available as ready to heat or direct consumption items: and we blame all this on the hectic lifestyles that we are subjected to. However, it this all really true? Has science made us lethargic and uncaring of what we eat and how we treat our bodies, in order to provide them bacteria free and stronger existences?

Yes, sadly, it is true that science and the conveniences provided by it, has made us lethargic and unmindful of how we should be living and doing with our lives. We make our existences run along with the most absurd pursuits of life: the charming aspirations of the given period! In addition, in order to achieve it, forget the harm that we end up inflicting upon ourselves.

The growth of population in the 21st century has also contributed much to cause havoc upon mankind. It has promoted the expansion of seriously fatal diseases, of which, cancer holds no matter of introduction; and denied us even the utility of our medical knowledge, at times. Even more disturbing is the fact that there are now such mystery diseases coming into existence, which show such deceptive behaviors of intrusion and killing away so cunningly: that detection most times seems impossible.

So the question arises: what can be done? Can anything be done at all? Well, all is not far from doomsday and there is a lot that can be done on the larger scale, but will not be done! In such a situation, the individual always has the option of taking care of himself and looking after his own environment. The most important and primary thing a person can do, is boosting immune system.

Strong immunity is after all the very thing, which protects any organism from intrusion of whatever type and is the essential part of living a healthy life in the world of today. Eating raw fruits and vegetables, replacing fatty oils for lighter types of oils, such as olive oils, etc. and avoiding the consumption of sugar, which is the cause of destroying immunity and also referred to as white poison; are some of the things, which can give us a chance against the menacing effects of existence today.

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