How to Fight with your Spouse the Proper Way

September 16, 2012 Comments Off

With a close look around your surroundings, you could easily find a couple or many couples fighting for seemingly no perceptible reason. The fights may be about everyday tasks or other little things. There have been cases where most couples have even forgotten their initial topic of disagreement after hours of pointless verbal battle.

You meet a lot of people whilst making the journey of life, so you can’t possibly expect every single person you meet to agree with you. Everybody has their own values and a belief system they’re comfortable with and you can’t look forward to changing their opinions when you start off a relationship.

It’s impossible to find a couple that hasn’t regretted blurting out inappropriate words during a fight. Though arguing may be healthy for a relationship, it certainly takes its toll for the worse if not curbed on time.  Instead of communicating your thoughts and feelings, you end up hurting each other, wishing that things had never happened the way they did.
To bring about a positive influence of arguments on your relationship, try the following habits to discuss your spousal issues.

Never Resort to Silence
Usually when you’re arguing with your spouse about something that’s irrelevant but still bothersome, the last thing you would want to do is resort to silence. Applying the ‘silent treatment’ technique may seem like an effective idea of punishment, but it’s actually quite the opposite of what you think.

When you abruptly prompt speaking with your spouse, the only signal you’re sending is that there’s no room for communication. There are many incidences where couples remained uncooperative and never shared their thoughts, ending up in a broken state of a relationship. No matter how much you think he deserves it, never opt for the ‘silent treatment’ and instead keep expressing yourself in a sensible manner.

Stay Cool
Getting hyper over little things will only lead to a whole lot of jibber jabber and misunderstood hurt feelings.  It’s natural for humans to react physically when they’re angry by showing signs of irritation with their elated voices and livid body language.

When you start raising your voice along with a whole lot of hand movements, the only signal you’re sending your spouse is that you’re not ready to listen. Hence, your spouse feels dejected and the fight goes on.
Whenever you feel that you’re upset, try staying calm and recollecting all your thoughts and feelings that you want to discuss. Wait for your spouse to finish their side of the story before you start talking and the whole resolution can be worked out in a peaceful manner.

Avoid Fights in Public
Arguments can make you say the worst kind of things to your spouse and the last thing you want is a bunch of strangers staring at you in public. Don’t make yourself look like a maniac by avoiding initiating fights when you’re out in public. This will not only bring your relationship undesired mockery, but it will also make you feel less of a person on the side.
Keep calm and save your fights for later when you’re alone or at home saving you and your spouse a great deal of embarrassments.

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