How to Be a Good Wife – Learn the 10 Rules Now

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“A good wife is like the beautiful tunes of her husband’s heart. When she rings, it seems that life is smiling.”For being a good wife, fill up the sentiments of love & happiness in all the senses of your husband. Here I’ve arranged top 10 rules that will assist you to become a good wife in the eyes of your husband. These rules will not only elevate your value in his eyes, but also induce him to worship you with love.

Rule #1: Fight for his respect.
For his respect, go ten steps ahead. Fight for his respect and raise his value in the eyes of others. This is a very first rule for being a good wife. When your husband sees you fight for his respect, his attitude towards you shifts. He begins to respect & love you a lot.

Rule #2: Dating is romantic.
Men have different definitions about romance. According to them, dating is like a romance. Dating make them romantic. They feel that dating is all about generating happy feelings inside a woman… So, if you want your man to be romantic, go on dates with him. Don’t say you need romance. Instead, plan weekly date nights and earn his affection for you.

Rule #3: Compliment his actions.
Do you want to become a good wife? Just compliment his some action. It’s because actions demonstrate the reality of men. When you compliment his actions, in a way, you compliment his true identity. He loves this type of compliments a lot. This type of compliments makes him beam with pride.

Rule #4: Men focus on solutions.
This rule can end the 50% problems of your relationship. You just need to understand that a man doesn’t share things, he solves things. He has a habit of reaching decisions quickly. Science has proved that men are solution oriented. Instead of discussing the problems and frustrations, they focus on solutions. Their brain visualizes multiple solutions. It’s in their nature to solve the problems in the best and most efficient way.

Rule #5: Presentation is the key.
Your presentation is the key for making your relationship successful. Your husband is an observer by nature. Visual things turn on his emotional & sexual feelings. That’s why, it’s important for you to use the power of your presentation for winning his emotions. Accentuate your positive features, reveal your style, and pick some clothes that praise your figure… Remember, he always observes what you are wearing.

Rule #6: Give him positive feedback.
Give him positive feedbacks repeatedly. Positive feedbacks increase his confidence and compel him to do more positive & good things. When you give him positive feedback, you validate his actions. And, that is what a husband wants from his wife.

Rule #7: Fulfill the basic needs.
Are you good at fulfilling the basic needs of your husband? If you are not, then you should seriously consider about it. If you won’t fulfill his basic needs, then you’ll lose him. Always remember, men have 3 basic needs in the relationship – food, sex, and sleep. When you fulfill the basic needs of your man, he stays loyal with you, he stays satisfied, and he does everything in his power to keep you happy.

Rule #8: Femininity is your gift.
A man is always attracted to a feminine woman. So, use your feminine power. Your feminine power can turn you into a goddess for your man. A good wife knows how to turn on his feminine power. She knows how to use her natural submissiveness, vulnerability, and sweetness to her advantage. She also knows how to get the attention of her man by being lavish, natural, and saucy… So, make time for grooming, be graceful, and act like a desirable lady.

Rule #9: Men get romantic ideas from movies.
Yes! It’s true. Most of the men get romantic ideas from movies, or videos. Movies teach them how to be romantic with their wives. If you want to teach your husband how to be romantic, just spend few nights watching romantic movies with him. He’ll learn by himself.

Rule #10: Ensure you are a good kisser.
Kissing is the direct indicator of happiness. According to researchers, couples who kiss and hug often are happier than other couples. A kiss shows the true feelings of love, romance, and sex. You can deliver your true feelings just with your kiss. So, if you want to know how to be a good wife, make sure that you are a good kisser.

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