Household Cleaning products That Smell Good

November 22, 2012 Comments Off

No-one likes it when their home is left smelling like chemicals after using cleaning products. The good news is that this problem is becoming one of the past, as more companies than ever are choosing to introduce a variety of scents into their products. The right products will leave your home smelling gorgeous as well as leaving it clean and germ free. Check out some of the following ranges and revitalize your senses.

1. Cif

Cif have traditionally used lemon in many of their cleaning products, including bathroom and kitchen cleaners. With an excellent reputation across the industry these products will attack soap scum, lime scale and burnt on grease, while leaving your home with a pleasant scent.

Cif have recently developed an innovative range of floor cleaning products which come in exotic varieties such as chamomile, wild orchid and green tea. These soothing scents will make cleaning a pleasure.

2. Pledge

Pledge’s ranges of traditional wood cleaning products have been revitalized by the brand in recent years. The company have created both a lemon and orange clean furniture spray, which can be used on wood, leather, plastic, marble and granite surfaces to remove the allergens in dust and leave your home gleaming.

3. Zoflora

Zoflora are a specialized brand that has positioned themselves in the market to deliver disinfectants that smell divine. Generally disinfectants have a reputation for leaving a clinical scent in your home, but with a range of exciting new fragrances Zoflora have found a solution. You’ll be spoilt for choice with diverse delights including summer bouquet, country garden, lilac, lavender, warm cinnamon, rose and fresh linen.

Refresh and re-vitalize your home when you clean by using products that delight your senses. The time for enduring clinical scents in your home has gone, and new products provide a fragrance sensation that can bring your home to life.

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