Happiness of the Heart

August 14, 2012 Comments Off

Lord Byron – Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.

Laughter is the best medicine; no pain in this world is greater than its healing powers. Regardless of how down in the dumps you think you are, looking in the mirror and finding your reflection smiling back at you can always lift up your spirits. Remember the person on the other side is not a stranger; the person is actually you who still deserves to be happy.

The heart is an inspirational organ. Despite its small size, the heart works constantly; beating 72 times a minute, every minute of every day. It’s not just responsible for keeping us alive, but is also responsible for reminding us that if it can continue to function under such extreme pressure, why can’t we?

Truly, even a single beat of the heart is precious for each moment is a gift worth enjoying. The mind and the body go hand in hand; a happy mind equals a happy body and vice versa. Find your confidence through happiness; take control of your life. Do what you thought you could not and fill yourself up with positive energy, for by doing this you might pave way for others to be happy as well.

Laughing is said to improve blood circulation. The blood vessels relax letting more blood pass through them. This is why a person goes completely red in the face after laughing hysterically. Moreover laughing is also responsible for the release of nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas.

Given the benefits on the human body and mind, laughter is also known to be therapeutic. Although artificial in itself, this method of therapy does provide amusement for others passing by.

A laughter discussion would be meaningless if one fails to state its contagiousness. Though unclear, this might have something to do with the mirror genes everybody possesses, as a result of which one’s action is reflected in another’s reaction. This is why the sound of someone laughing always brings joy to the heart; something which becomes evident from our facial expressions. At times, even a mere mention of a smile is sufficient to bring a smile on someone’s lips.

Coming to a conclusion, the importance of laughter cannot be overestimated. The feeling of happiness is not a privilege some possess; but a right everyone deserves. Stop for a moment and think, is it really worth it to waste your precious moments pondering over something meaningless; being in a state of emotion which is of no benefit whatsoever? Keep moving forward, for time does not stop. Live every moment as if it was your last; and lastly, do not forget to smile for there is always a reason to experience happiness of the heart.

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