Hair Care Tips – Best Ways to Deal With Dry Hair

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Hair forms an important part of human life, especially among women. Women with long and beautiful hair have been praised ever since the history of man came into records. From ancient to modern times; women have played close attention to the grooming of their hair.

Hair care solutions are available on a multitude of websites online. These feature the understanding of your hair type and remedies you could use to deal with the problem. When you realize what type of hair you posses (i.e. dry, fine, rough, smooth and silky etc.) it is easier to focus on the key to making it better or healthier.

Women with excess sebum production in the hair have less to worry about than women who have it in small amounts. Sebum can leave your hair greasy and sticky but you can always make it better by cleansing and opting for a new hairstyle. The absence of sebum however, can make your hair more liable to damage, breakage and dullness.

Reasons behind Dry Hair

  • Having a poor diet that leads to nutrient deficiency, which further increases hair problems.
  • Excessive use of electronic hair appliances like the blow dryer, airstyler and hair irons etc. causes the hair to be exposed to unnecessary heat, which dries up its natural moisture.
  • Shampooing your hair on a regular basis may leave you dirt, pollution and sweat free but it can also wash way your hair’s natural oil with harmful detergents. Most people tend to miss out on an after-wash conditioning regime, which causes further dryness.
  • Hair perming and application of chemical dyes.
  • Frequent exposure to natural elements like the wind or sun etc.
  • Exposure to swimming pool chemicals

Below are the internal and external care solutions for reducing the appearance of dry hair and promote sebum secretion and growth.

Caring for Dry Hair

Internal Care

  • People can be really choosy when it comes to consuming healthy food and so, they tend to miss out on the essential nutrients needed to prevent dry hair. Try consuming dosages of folic acid, minerals like sulfur zinc and magnesium, vitamin B, Inositol and Biotin.
  • Fatty amino acids found in fish like tuna or salmon etc. which help you retain hair protein and develop its texture.
  • Intake of enzymes like Coenzyme Q-10 increases blood circulation in the scalp leading to increased hair growth.

External Care

  • It may seem disappointing but there is really no solution to split-ends because once it splits, it can’t be treated. The best you can do is including a leave-in conditioner in your shampooing regime or better yet, just get a trim every six to eight weeks because as the hair grows, the split-ends will start tangling with other hairs giving an overall dry look.
  • Reduce the number of shampoo applications to one or two per week. Use a moisturizer or conditioner and avoid using blow dryers for drying the hair. Opt for a towel instead.
  • Applying olive oil to the scalp can also relieve you of dryness for some time. Remember not to apply in excess and stick to 1 or 2 drops per application.


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