Great Ideas For Honeymoons On A Budget

February 5, 2013 Comments Off

When a couple is planning a wedding and moving to a new household, there are so many expenses to take care of, that the honeymoon might be left with quite a small budget in the end. What many couples don’t know is that a honeymoon doesn’t need to be expensive to be pleasurable and memorable. Spending a fortune on a 7-day trip to an exotic island might be your dream, but if you can’t afford it, it doesn’t mean you should give up on the honeymoon altogether. There are so many options for romantic getaways on a budget that you have nothing to worry about. Here are some of the options you can consider for your upcoming honeymoon.

List the honeymoon as a gift option
If you can’t spend much on a honeymoon, but you’d really like to have one, why don’t you ask for it? Instead of your guests buying you china and pans, they can cash towards a trip. This is much more meaningful than receiving the same useless items from everyone. You can register for this at or and choose a trip to add.

Home exchange
This is one of the less popular honeymoon ideas, but it’s a wonderful option if you’d like to go to an exotic destination or a distant island, but can’t afford expensive accommodation. Look for a home exchange – you’d be surprised at how many people have done that before you. You can find a home for your stay, meet the locals and make new friends. It’s a unique opportunity to visit a great destination and cut your travel costs by half.

Go camping
Breathtaking scenery, stars and firelight for a honeymoon? Camping is one of the most exciting ways to spend a honeymoon, whether you have done it before or not. It’s extremely romantic and adventurous, every day is different and challenging and you have complete relaxation and ideally no people around. Picking the right destination is essential – you can head to a lake, a forest, a mountain hill, a waterfall area or the beach. If you want a truly unforgettable honeymoon, a camping experience will certainly guarantee that. It’s cheap and you don’t even have to sleep in a tent – you can book a lovely little cabin or a hut.

Choose the off season
One of the surest ways to travel on a budget is to book your honeymoon for the off season. This way you can find a great deal even for an all-inclusive holiday. Moreover, you might be lucky to stay in a hotel that is not fully booked at this time of the year.

Choose a low-cost airline
If you are not going to some quite remote and exotic destination, you could easily fly with a low-cost airline. If you book the tickets early enough, you could travel for half of the usual price. This option can save you a considerable amount of money that you can spend on dining out and entertainment while on your honeymoon.

Everyone dreams of the perfect honeymoon, but when you have to deal with a smaller budget, you need to be more flexible in terms of travel dates and destination options. This way you will get the best of the situation and still enjoy this special experience with your spouse.

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