Good And Effective Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Budget

September 3, 2012 Comments Off

Inflation is present everywhere in the world today. Prices are rocketing sky high each month. The grocery, electricity and other utility bills have doubled in just two years. The fuel price has also gone up by more than 100%. The day to day small things also cost more now.  In such an era, saving even a few dollars everyday accumulates to quite a lot of money per month. So much money is spent on things that are not required as such.  Reduction on even a few will be extremely helpful in the long run.

Electricity Bills -Reduce the usage of your air conditioning unit. The AC is left on, even when there is no one at home. Some people love to turn it on early in the morning when the weather is actually nice. Use a fan with AC so that the thermostat can be set at a higher temperature, reducing energy consumption. If the weather is very hot, then pulling down curtains and shutting windows also cools the home. In winter, do the reverse to heat up your house.

Reduce your laundry days.   Wash only when there is a full load of clothes. The washing machine consumes a lot of power. Using it just once a week will help save plenty of dollars. Dry the clothes in sunlight instead of using a drier.

Turn off any equipment that is not in use. Charge your phones and laptops only when their batteries are extremely low. This also helps keep energy consumption at a minimal. Switch to power reduction and energy efficient products.

Cell Phones
Use the cheapest cell phone service in your area. Make sure you aren’t paying for anything extra. Keep track of your data usage.  A lot of carriers offer features, which you do not need. Unsubscribe to all such packages. Don’t use GPRS if you can use Wi-Fi or internet from a PC. If you’re at home, just Skype rather than making calls.

Using a Single Provider
There are a lot of companies which offer internet, phone and cable services all in one package at a discounted price. Try this option instead of using different service providers. This can cost up to 20%.

Limit your trips to the markets if you can. Go only when you really need something. People just waste money on things they don’t need at all when they’re on a shopping trip. Try shopping whenever there is sale. Costs can be as low as 50% of the original.

Buy your groceries from one supermarket only. A lot of stores offer free coupons when your bill is over a certain limit. These can be used in place of cash next time. Some stores also provide regular customers with reward points on every 10 dollars spent. These points accumulate and can be used to buy anything available at the store.

Credit Cards
If you have cash in your pocket, then save the 2.5% tax on most credit cards. If using one still becomes necessary, then use the one that gives reward points. Use cards of only one bank so that all points are added onto a single card. Regularly spend these points so that they don’t expire.

A lot of other steps can also be taken to decrease your budget. There is no need to eat out or order in when your fridge is full of food. You don’t really need a high speed internet connection. If you or your friend can cut hair, you can avoid the trip to the salon. Walk to your destination if it is a few miles away instead of taking the car. Cutting down on some of the luxuries in your life is the key to lesser expenditures every month.

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