Getting the Monthly Budget under Control

October 16, 2012 Comments Off

By planning your budget you realize how your month is going to be. However, more often than not you seem to be running low on your prefixed amount before the month ends. The following methods will help you save on the little things, which will make it easier for you to control your monthly budget.

Get rid of all the unnecessary expenses. Subscriptions of games you do not play, subscriptions of magazines you do not read, movie packages you don’t make use of, and all such unrequited luxuries can be dispensed with.

Save on your cable bills. Call your cable service provider and negotiate for lower rates and discounts. Only subscribe to those channels that you actually watch. Also, keep an eye out for special offers.

Get bundle services. Internet, phone and cable have become almost everyone’s need. However, you make a saving on all of these by subscribing for all at once to a common service provider.

Cut down on your phone bills. Although a necessity, a mobile phone can easily lead to unnecessary expenditure. Switch to prepaid, if having a cell phone is a must for you. The cancellation fee of your contract may seem like an excessive amount to pay, but in the long run it will be quite worth your while. Furthermore, switch to a cheaper network if the current one seems a bit extravagant. You can also make use of VoIP services, such as Skype, to lower your phone bills.

Try to get a saving on your car insurance. Look for better policies that are available. Besides, eliminate any coverage plans you don’t find useful.

You electricity bill is the one you can save on most. Never leave any appliances on after you are done using them. Also, set the AC thermostat at an optimum temperature. Most importantly, buy energy efficient electronics.

Stop dining out. Control your frequent urge to go at a restaurant. If you are hungry and don’t want to cook, then reheating the leftovers can be a good option. You will make a considerable saving this way. Furthermore, reduce your intake of processed beverages and light snacks. Not only are they unhealthy, they also contribute significantly to your monthly expenses.

When going for shopping, it is wise to make a list. Stick to the list of things you need and buy in bulk for lower prices. Also, make use of coupons whenever you can. The savings may seem minor at the time, but at the end of the month you will be surprised to see how much of your budget is still intact.

Plan on doing your weekly activities on the same day. This way you will be significantly cutting down on your gas bills.

Lastly, stop buying things on credit. Frequent use of your credit card can put you under major debt, which can become difficult to pay off.

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