Getting Rid of an Abusive Relationship – An Organized Advice

July 29, 2012 Comments Off

There are many people tied up in abusive relationships and still don’t have the courage to speak up for themselves. While the victim could be a woman or a man, it is usually a woman being abused in a relationship. In any case, a person can be abused mentally, verbally, sexually and physically.

Although there are many people who hold on to their relationships in the hope that things will change one day, they eventually end up separating. If you are being abused in a relationship and you have decided to leave, how would you do it?

The following are some tips that will help you take the decision and will help you go about with the process:

Realize – There may be endless reasons you have been putting up with a torturous relationship, but you must accept and realize that you are a victim of abuse. Believe that you deserve a better life and a respectful relationship. Think about how tomorrow could be better than today.

It may be difficult to look at the future so positively, but this is the only way you can bring the real you to the front. Assess the miseries of your current life and compare it with a better future.

Let Others Know – If not all, inform at least the people you trust. Living in an abusive relationship and separation are major decisions that shouldn’t be taken alone. Look for help and inform people about what is happening with you. This is specifically very important if you need a backup until you get on your own. Check if there is anybody to give you a helping hand for the procedure, a temporary place to live in, security, and some financial help. You will survive, don’t worry!

If you are too scared of your partner and are scared that you might be hurt, don’t forget to involve the police for further security.

Strength and Patience – Although it is difficult to stay with an abusive partner, it is equally distressing to walk out until all your arrangements are done. It could be difficult to walk out if you have no place to go. Moreover, you may have to combat the guilt that you may feel for leaving your partner. It is the time to get rid of your fear by getting rid of an abusive relationship.

Leave – It is time to execute your decision. Don’t let second thoughts hold you back again. You are entitled to a better and respectful life, so don’t go against it. Once you have all the arrangements ready, dump the abusive relationship and live like a free person once again. Getting out of an abusive relationship is the only way to experience life again.

The aforementioned advice is just an organized manner of giving up an abusive relationship. The reality may not be this easy following the stress and trauma you will go though. But this is just an idea to guide you through a general process, so that you are able to derive the courage and strength to proceed with your decision.

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