Germ-filled Objects that You Need To Be Wary of!

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You need to be careful about objects you are touching because it might cost you your health. A book titled “List Maker’s Get-Healthy Guide,” written by the editors from Prevention Magazine, states that an average adult can touch 30 objects in a minute that contains dangerous germs. Here is the list of germ-filled objects that you should avoid contact with or wash your hands after touch them:

Restaurant menus
According to a study conducted by Journal of Medical Virology, flu and common cold viruses will survive on surfaces for more than eighteen hours. Individuals with colds and flu touch menus in restaurants and leave their germs behind. Restaurants’ staffs never wipe their menus so don’t let your menu touch your silverware. Furthermore, always wash your hands after placing your order.

Lemon Wedges
Lemon wedges served in drinks might look cute but did you know that seventy percent of these lemon wedges contain microbes that cause diseases. Don’t believe it, just read the study conducted by Journal of Environmental Health in 2007. The researchers in this study bought drinks from more than 15 restaurants. They found 24 different types of microbes on more than fifty lemons. The worst is that some of these lemons contained E.coli.

Soap Dispensers
More than twenty percent of public restroom’s soap dispensers are contaminated with fecal matter. The soap dispensers are never cleaned, and so harmful bacteria grow on them. So make sure you carry a hand sanitizer with you when you are going out. Also always wash your hands with warm water for around 20 seconds.

Grocery carts
University of Arizona conducted a study where it found that more half of grocery carts handle were contaminated with germs and even fecal matter! Therefore, when you go shopping, make sure you carry disinfectant wipes with you.

Airplane bathrooms
Research shows that bathrooms in commercial jets are tainted with E.coli and according to a new study conducted by Journal of Environment Health Research, a person is 200 times likely to catch germs and viruses on a plane because he or she is more susceptible to it.

Condiment Dispenser
In restaurants, other than menus, condiment dispensers are never cleaned as well. Therefore, when you are done using the mustard or ketchup, clean your hands with a hand sanitizer.

Most people aren’t aware of the grime and germs that are accumulated on their keyboard and mouse. Make sure you wipe your keyboard and mouse daily with a cloth. Also never eat while you are working on your PC.

Now that you know the seven germ-filled objects, you must have realized how it important hygiene is. It is vital that you wash your hands every time you sit down to eat a meal because your hands must be touching thousands of bacteria and germs every moment. Also always carry a hand sanitizer with you and use it well!

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