Four Home Remedies That Never Fail

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In the old days, herbs and food that were found in one’s kitchen treated most health problems. Here are some home remedies that are easily available in your kitchen and will never fail to work. These home remedies are worth a look because they will save you from a trip to your local pharmacy:

A simple home remedy for chapped lips

Chapped lips are common in winter. They become extremely painful when the lips become so dry that they start bleeding. According to experts, the best way to treat chapped lips is by applying honey and petroleum jelly. Adam Friedman, who works as a dermatologist at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, says that when apply honey and petroleum jelly on chapped lips, it will relieve and cure the problem forever.

First, wet your lips with lukewarm water. Apply honey to your lips then and leave it for a few seconds until it dries. Next, apply petroleum jelly on your lips and leave it for around fifteen minutes. Remove it with a cotton swab that was dipped into warm water. Do this daily until you see a remarkable difference.

Salty water for bad throat
Extensive research proves that saline solution (salt and water) will reduce the inflammation in the throat and reduce mucus. Dr. Moshe Lewis, who works as a pain management specialist, adds that salty water will also flush out the irritants like bacteria and allergens. All you need to do is dissolve half-teaspoon table salt in eight oz warm water. For full results, gargle at least three times daily.

This remedy was even studied by researchers. Thanks to the study, researchers found that this remedy could reduce respiratory infections up to 40%.

Chamomile tea for cramps
According to Dr Jessica Shepherd, who works as the assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, chamomile tea contains glycine. This chemical helps reduce contractions in the lower intestine that as a result will sooth muscle spasms. Experts recommend sipping one cup of chamomile tea, if you are having cramps.

Chamomile is known as an effective therapy for anxiety too. It also has anti-diuretic properties. However, individuals who have a bad allergic reaction to chamomile should avoid it at all cost.

Eat Parsley for bad breath
Nobody likes to have bad breath. According to research, you can get rid of this embarrassing condition by chewing parsley. Dr Jennifer Wider, who works as a women’s health specialist, explained that parsley has chlorophyll. This is can fight the bacteria that cause bad breath in your mouth. Keep a sprig of parsley with you and chew on it whenever possible.

If you are facing one of the problems listed above, then you will definitely find a cure with these simple home remedies!

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