Four Common Weight-loss Myths

April 15, 2012 Comments Off

Life is full of challenges and there is never an easy way out of any problem. Similarly, if you think there are easy ways to lose weight then somebody probably did not tell you all the facts. The reality of losing weight is that it is a challenging task. So never believe anyone who tells you that there are easy ways to lose weight. Here are four common myths that individuals end up falling for:

1)Individuals who eat diet pills don’t need to exercise
Many dieters love weight loss pills because they believe that it will make them lose weight. They feel that they can continue their unhealthy lifestyle by consuming diet pills. According to Diane Hendricks, who is a nutritionist and chef, this is a completely wrong assumption. She stresses that there are no supplements or pills that can replace regular exercise and healthy eating. The health benefits of exercising regularly and eating healthy food go beyond weight loss. It is true that some weight-loss pills and supplements can help you lose weight more easily. That doesn’t mean, however, that just consuming weight-loss pills would be sufficient.

2)All weight products found in pharmacy are safe
Don’t assume that just because you have bought something from you local pharmacy that it is safe. Many diets pills are not tested; in fact, some weight-loss products found in stores are not approved or tested by any regulatory authority. The Federal Drug Authority in the US has to publish warnings about harmful or tainted weight-pills in the market. Moreover, even the most common supplements and pills can have many drawbacks. Hendrick adds that no matter which diet pill it is, it will have a negative impact if used for long term.

3)The traditional exercise replaced by passive exercise equipment
Passive exercise is defined as working out using easy and passive exercise equipment. In other words, you are not exercising rigorously.  Such exercise machines claim that you are getting a proper workout. According to many experts, these exercise machines are not really sufficient for a proper weight-loss workout.

4)Eating food that burn calories
This myth you will enjoy because you are pushed to eat certain food types. Food like celery and apples are thought to increase the metabolic rate in the body. Meaning it will help you burn your calories faster.

Sadly, even though most of these food items may increase you metabolism rate, no matter how much eat them, they are not enough to decrease your weight. Diana also adds that consuming only these foods will make you weak because it will not give you a balanced diet. She concludes that grapefruit and green tea are delicious and healthy drinks but they do not help you burn large amount of calories.

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