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5 Best Foods for Beautiful Skin


elephantAre you tired of your current skin regimen that gives nothing but a run for your money? Isn’t it killing you that instead of giving great results, it just worsens your problem? Then fear not! You don’t have to worry, as there are simple ways in achieving that great skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Food has always been part of human life. You can’t deny the fact that there are lots of benefits to be gained by eating highly nutritious foods. This article will help you know the dishes that can be a natural alternative to those expensive beauty products.

The following are some hand-picked dishes that can give you the radiant and glowing skin you seek:

1. Baked Or Grilled Salmon

Baked Salmon

No matter how it’s cooked, this delicious fish can help your skin in a HUGE way. It contains high omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial in hydrating your skin and get rid of those dreaded signs of aging. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in minimizing skin irritation and redness.

2. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds

This is also a great source of high omega-3 fatty acids. By grinding these seeds, you can then mix them with pretty much any recipe that you already love. For instance, you can try using the oil of flax seeds as your salad dressing. However, excessive intake of coffee and/or alcohol will reduce the benefits of this food.

3. Salad Or Leafy Greens


If you suffer from oily skin, this is just the right dish for you. It is high in vitamin A, which is highly beneficial in decreasing the production of oil from your skin. Some examples of these leafy greens are kale, spinach and romaine.

4. Green Tea

Green tea

Instead of coffee, why not drink a cup of your favourite green tea? This is a much better source of antioxidants than coffee. It is beneficial in making your skin look and feel healthy.

5. Fruit Juice

Orange juice

Juices are also an effective way in making your skin radiant and healthy. There are many types of juices that are extremely beneficial for your body – for example, pomegranate juice. You can get lots of vitamins and anti-oxidants from juices alone.

There are many dishes that can provide the right nutrients for your body. If you want to achieve that radiant and glowing skin, then you should consider incorporating all of these foods into your current diet. This is the best way for you to look and feel beautiful AND have a full stomach (and wallet).

Which one will you choose?

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