Five Useful Tips to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

May 10, 2012 Comments Off

It is very common to open your fridge and realize that you have wasted half of your food. If you are wasting food, then you are also wasting money that you spent buying your grocery. Are you one of those individuals who think your food wastage won’t amount to much? Then think about the following fact: Australians waste more than 3 million tons of food yearly. In addition, the average curbside garbage bin is filled 40% with wasted food. The thrown food weighs around 178 kilos!

Moreover, by wasting so much food, you are not only ruining your budget; you are also wasting the energy, water and money that were invested in growing that food. In addition, all wasted food is thrown in landfills. When food rots, it produces a lethal greenhouse gas known as methane. This gas is more potent than the gas released from your car exhaust.

All these damages can simply be stopped by not wasting precious food. Do you know more than 15,000 children die every day due to hunger-related issues? So think twice and thrice, the next time you throw your food out. Here are some tips on how to stop the food wastage and to reduce your grocery bills as well:

1) Plan before you go to grocery shopping.
If you note down all the things, you need in the house, then you won’t end up buying unnecessary things. Get a magnetic notebook and attach it to your fridge. Ask every family member, to only list food items on the magnetic notebook when that particular food is finished.

To be more sufficient, you can also start planning meals, a week ahead. This way when you go to grocery shopping, you will only buy ingredients that are on your menu. Moreover, always shop according to your family size. For instance, don’t buy 2 loaves of bread, when there are only 2 people living in your house!

2) Keep your fridge organized.
Always keep your fridge well-organized and make sure that you keep track of all the food that you have stored in it. Furthermore, always keep older food items in the front, inside the fridge. This way, you will consume old food first, and it won’t rot or get expired.

3) Buy food from the local farmer’s market
According to Maggie Beer, who are a television presenter and cook, one should always think local and seasonal when going shopping. Local farms are the best place to get fresh food from.

4) Grow food on your own
If you start growing food on your own, then you can always guarantee the fact that your family is consuming the freshest produce available. Furthermore, you can recycle food scraps so that you get fertile compost to grow your food.

5) Start preserving food
Start making your own jams, pickles, pasta sauces and chutneys. Homemade food is ten times more delicious than manufactured food. Plus you can utilize vegetables and fruits instead of letting it rot in your fridge.

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