Five Things to Do When At the Supermarket

October 17, 2012 Comments Off

The trip to the supermarket is inevitable; it can, however, be much simpler and productive if one can stick to these five universal guidelines.

Stay Close to the Border
Your basic necessities; namely vegetables, fruits, meats and milk, are usually found near the walls enclosing the stores. Always go straight to theses ending aisles, avoiding the cartons of ready made junk products you probably buy because you see them first. Implementation of such a measure results in you starting off with a healthier cart.

Stay Solo
Simply, this rule is about avoiding crowds at the supermarket at all costs. The “more the merrier” rule does not apply at supermarkets; a trip on a busy day is slow as well as dull. Avoid going to the market place when it’s expected to be filled up with a bustling crowd. Rather, be there early in the morning or late at night. Similarly, a visit on weekdays is to be preferred over weekends.

Look above, Look Below
Always take a look at the top and bottom shelves of the aisles you are currently surfing through. It is not common knowledge that the products placed near the line of sight belong to the big companies which pay for them to be there. This should not, however, stop you from looking at the distant shelves for you may find a healthier, and even cheaper alternative.

Have Self-Restraint
As a general rule, be extremely cautious of special product sales. Know your need before planning your expenditure. Although such offers look extremely attractive, always ask yourself whether you need the 10 packages for the price of 7. Also, do your own research for there may be much suitable promotions.

Be Handy
Avoid bumping into others with your trolley, when you can easily pick its contents with your hands. Going to the supermarket for a few items will not look so tiresome this way.

On an ending note, it is best to discuss some general tips as well. One thing to always keep in mind is to always have a well-organized list. Making a list of the items you need, in terms of category and priority, will not only help you avoid missing out on something but will also help you control your budget.  Also, never go shopping on an empty stomach; your cart will be filled with more junk products.

Lastly, avoid bringing kids with you to the superstore. Although, termed as little angels, they can easily become too much to handle. With their constant yapping and tugging, shopping may become a burdensome task. Until and unless your children are well disciplined and well mannered, it is best to leave them home with a guardian.

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