Fit exercise into your busy schedule

December 2, 2012 Comments Off

When you have a busy schedule, incorporating physical activities which help maintain your fitness can be difficult. If you can’t make it to the gym every other day, the idea is to make yourself do little exercises during your regular routine: when you’re at work, while waiting for a friend to leave a dressing room, in your bedroom in the evening etc. These examples should put you on the right track.

Walk to work – Brisk walking is just as effective as running at burning calories a lot of the time. To incorporate it into your lifestyle, all you have to do is make sure you walk for 30 minutes of every day. Instead of taking the bus to work, why not walk as far as you can go, and then walk back afterwards? If you’re sitting on binguez, why not get up and go out for a bit? Your body will thank you.

Dance in your bedroom – Dancing is one of the most fun forms of exercise you can take part in. It’s also the most embarrassing if you’re not confident. Dance in your bedroom every day, or take part in one of your console dance games, or copy a dance fitness DVD. No one can see you there.

Pilates moves while you cook – When you’re standing around the kitchen waiting for the food to simmer away and cook, or chopping vegetables, you could perform some pilates moves at the same time. Nothing too complicated, Just the ones you can do upright, like twisties, side bend reaches, standing leg extensions etc.

Sit-ups while you watch TV – You don’t need to watch TV from the sofa. You could lie on the floor and perform sit-ups, toe touches and other sitting exercises during your favourite TV programs. Not only will the TV distract you from the pain you might be in, but it’ll help refute the coach potato stereotype.

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