Extreme Cleaning Tasks Made Easy: 6 Steps That Will Take 10 Minutes Or Less.

October 23, 2012 Comments Off

When it comes down to cleaning, the small issues and tasks really have a strong purpose. If you have only ten minutes for your cleaning activities then you need to skim through the instructions and given below. These will help you in managing your cleanliness while not letting you get late for work. All you need to do is skim through the six extreme cleaning tasks given below that will help you feel healthier and get rid of dirt and dust.

  • Shower fixtures and Knobs – Mildew and deposits of minerals are built up on knobs and shower fixtures without you noticing it. This will actually take you a few minutes to repair and clean your shower. What you need to do is first disassemble your shower assembly.  After that you can dip your fixtures in white vinegar. The ideal composition to dip fixtures is 3 parts of vinegar in one part of water after 2-3 minutes you can use a toothbrush and scrub away the grime and dirt away. Your bathroom will look brand new while giving you a pleasant feeling.
  • Light fixture maintenance – One quick walk around the house will reveal a lot of unhealthy mysteries. You will notice that your lights are filled with dust and dead bugs. This extra dust affects the quality of lights and the ambience of your home which can be solved by occasional cleaning. If you plan on replacing your lighting fixtures than make sure that you rinse out the sockets before replacing it with the new fixture. Dust deposits can cause heat generation which spoils your ambiance while also creating chances of a short circuit.
  • Cleaning Your Microwave – Cleaning the microwave is probably the nastiest job a person comes across. The food splashes and stains may be a turnoff for a lot of people. Usually people tend to ignore cleaning the microwave since it’s a hassle and disgusts them.  There is a perfect solution to clean your microwave without the tenuous scrubbing and cleaning. Instead of using elbow grease, you should place a bowl with a mix of vinegar and water inside the microwave. Now set the microwave on for at least 4-5 minutes.  Make sure that there are equal proportions of both vinegar and water in the bowl. After the five minutes are over, use a sponge to clean out the walls of the microwave.
  • Get rid of Fireplace Ash – Burning fireplaces tend to produce a lot of ash due to the wood. This spreads allergies and allergens in the air while downgrading the air quality of your home. You should grab a broom or a vacuum cleaner and clean your fireplace often. This would roughly take ten minutes.
  • Purge your drawers – Some people have drawers full of junk. Sometimes even closets full of old clothing that are considered to be junk. It is suggested that you transfer the junk drawers to a cardboard box. If you want to use something then take it out of the box. If you notice that you are not using anything from the cardboard box then discard the box with its contents.
  • Remove dirt and hair from pet beds – If all the dirt and the hair of your pet have been on their beds/pillows for long then you should consider tossing them in the washing machine for at least ten minutes. Removal of such filth will result in a bacteria-free environment.

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