Effective Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

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You will see a common problem with all kitchens, i.e. smoke, grease, and food particles stick to the kitchen cabinets if you do not clean them regularly. However, a simple solution to this problem is to know which products are required to clean them. It can either take you a few minutes or several hours to clean your kitchen cabinets. This depends entirely on how effectively you clean your kitchen.

Have a look at the following easy tips on how to clean your kitchen cabinets.

Choose the Right Cleaner

You can use your dish-washing liquid to clean kitchen cabinets. Using a mild laundry detergent or a household cleaner is a good option too. If you have any of these cleaners at home, you will not need to buy other cleaning agents.

If you are using an all-purpose cleaner to clean your kitchen cabinets, you should read the product’s label to make sure it will not damage the finish of the cabinets. Test the cleaner by cleaning a small part of your kitchen cabinet with it. If the polish and paint of the cabinets remain undamaged, then you can use your cleaner further.

Clean the Exterior Cabinet

Clean your kitchen cabinets from the outside by using a sponge and a suitable cleaner. Scrub the surface of the exterior gently. Never use scrub brushes or steel wool because scratches formed by these cleaning items can ruin the finish. Once you have cleaned the surface of cabinets, it is time to clean the drawer pulls and door handles. Pay attention on cleaning them properly because they are the stickiest of all.

Clean the Interior Cabinet

Remove the dishware and other things from your cabinet. If you see any food particles inside the kitchen cabinet, vacuum or sweep them well. After that, take a cloth or sponge along with a cleaning solution and clean the cabinet shelve, bottom, and its sides. When you are done with cleaning the inside of your cabinet, wipe it down with a clean and dry cloth to ensure there is no cleanser residue left. Now, you can put the dishes back in it.

Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets

Since kitchen cabinets are used daily, it is important to maintain them by cleaning them regularly. Vinegar serves the purpose of cleaning your kitchen cabinets on a frequent basis. If you do not like its smell, you can use lemon instead of vinegar. Cleaning your cabinets regularly with vinegar or lemon will stop dirt and grease from forming repeatedly.

Some Considerations

Even if you are cleaning the outer side of your kitchen cabinets, it is important to protect your dishes from getting damaged by harsh chemicals. Therefore, empty your cabinets before you begin to clean them.

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