Eating Forbidden Food without Guilt

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Eating food should always be a pleasurable experience. It is normal to crave delicious and scrumptious food that gets your taste buds anticipating every bite. Sadly, most delicious food is fattening. You cannot indulge in fattening food if you are watching your weight, or if you only want to eat food that is healthy for your body. Here are ways in which you can enjoy mouthwatering food without any worries or guilt:

Ice cream
Eating an ice cream sundae on a hot day is great. Since a sundae consists of ice cream, various toppings and whipped cream, a sundae adds up to 500 calories and more. Instead of consuming such a calorie-filled food item, you can freeze non-fat Greek yoghurt in an ice pop mold. Add chopped fruits and nuts to the mixture so that you are consuming something with nutrition. According to experts, this alternative of an ice cream sundae is low in sugar and high in protein.

The next time you want to eat bacon, cook it on the rack in the oven (do not forget to use a drip pan) or in the microwave. This way, fewer grams of fats will be added to it. Moreover, bacon is already a salty food so avoid seasoning it. Enjoy the bacon as simply as possible.

Instead of using the whole cheese in your sandwich or pizza, shred a small piece of cheese on top. This way, you will get to enjoy cheese in every bite and not worry about the gaining unnecessary calories.

You are allowed to eat a half-cup of cooked pasta daily. It is not easy to measure what quantity of pasta you are eating because nobody has the time to measure it. A survey conducted in many restaurants concluded that many restaurants served pasta four times more than the recommended serving. So try to share your dish with a friend when eating pasta from restaurants. Lastly, when you make pasta on your own, add zucchini or eggplant and other vegetables to make this meal healthy.

Chocolate does not have to be the secret ingredient for this yummy goodness. All you need to do is buy a pre-made brownie mix. While making the brownies, substitute all the wet ingredients with low sodium beans. Blend the beans thoroughly in the mixture and bake it. You will end with a delicious, protein-filled and fibrous dessert.

Due to many food-borne illness outbreaks, consumers are now aware how dangerous pathogens are. Grounded hamburger meat is more at risk of being contaminated. Therefore, make sure when you buy grounded hamburger meat, your butcher gives you hamburger meat from the same cow. This reduces the risk of contamination. You can grind up the meat yourself or look for other alternative meats like lamb and bison.

The next time you get the craving to enjoy something sugary or fattening, follow our tips. You will not have to worry about the intake of your calories at all.

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