Easy Ways to Quit Bad Eating Habits

April 2, 2012 Comments Off

Bad eating habits mean unwanted calories that you can never easily get rid of. Here are some easy tricks that you can adopt to get rid of your bad eating habits:

Bad Eating Habit # 1: A person who eats snacks all the time.
Individuals who are constantly snacking end up overeating. Snacks like cookies, pretzels, chocolates and chips are especially not nutritious or satisfying. This is why you should switch to healthy snacks like nuts, cut vegetables with yummy dips, small sandwich or whole-grain crackers with cheese. Try to consume only two snacks a day that are around 300 calories each.

Bad Eating Habit # 2: A person who munch on snacks while watching TV
A person who loves watching TV would love munching on snacks at the same time. According to Brian Wansink, the author of Mindless Eating, individuals who eat while watching TV are likely to consume more food than they need.

Such individuals should avoid eating snacks while watching TV or switch to low calorie foods like rice crackers, popcorn without butter or whole-grain cereal.

Bad Eating Habit # 3: A person who eats when in a bad mood
Many individuals turn to food when they are angry, depressed or frustrated. According to Judith Wurtman, PhD, when you eat food containing carbohydrate, it produces tryptophan in your body. This is a type of amino acid that helps the brain make serotonin. Serotonin improves your mood only temporarily.

If you have this bad eating habit, when in a bad mood go for a walk or talk to a friend. This will make you feel better without affecting your weight!

Bad Eating Habit # 4: A person who controls their bad eating habit all week and then loses control on the weekend
You might eat healthy all week, but if you lose control during the weekend, then all the effort, you put controlling yourself during the week will go to waste. That is why you should try your best to control yourself from eating unhealthy food on the weekends as well. One of the reasons why individuals tend to overeat during the weekend is because they are socializing with their friends and family members in restaurants, picnic, bars or amusement parks. To avoid indulging in unhealthy food, always have a healthy meal before you go out to socialize.

Bad Eating Habit # 5: A person who eats meals out cans, boxes and bags.
Packaged foods like frozen meals, rice mixes and soup, contain unhealthy salt, fats and extra calories. For instance, even a low-fat soup can actually contain more sodium than you should eat for a day. To break this habit, you should eat packaged foods that are lower in calories and contain low sodium. Try frozen entrees!

Bad Eating Habit # 6: A person who eats in speed.
Some individuals don’t have time to eat so they simply scarf-down their food in speed. This is not good because not only will you suffer from stomach problems but take in the excess air while eating; this will lead to bloating. Furthermore, it’s important to chew your food well because that way your brain will be aware of what is happening in your stomach. To get rid of this habit, avoid finger foods and try to slow down, while eating. In addition opt for food that you can eat with utensils, this way you will automatically slow down, while eating. Try to find time to eat meals and don’t eat while on the move.

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