Easy Ways to Manage Osteoporosis And Bone Health

September 24, 2012 Comments Off

Having osteoporosis is not that big of a deal if you’re being cautious about your bone health.  A few improvements and changes in your existing lifestyle can make you feel like you have no problems. You can’t stop being you i.e. stop going out or do things that are fun just because you’re afraid that you’ll slip or fall becoming a victim of unwanted fractures.

A few tips are all you need to lead a normal and fulfilling life with secured bone health.

Either you’re suffering from bone problems or not, exercise is important for everyone seeking a healthy body and mind. A few minutes of daily exercise can leave you stronger and more flexible. This will make you less prone to falling down and breaking an arm or slipping a hip disc.

The exercises you should perform should always be light on your body. Things like walking and swimming are a good start. Older adults have taken up tai chi classes that are relaxing and helpful in maintaining bone health.

Medicine Combinations
Many medicine combinations have side effects that can be able contributors towards your fall and bone damage. Medicine that makes you light-headed or drowsy should be avoided or consumed with precaution. Taking advice from your doctor would be a good idea.

Slippery Surfaces
You can’t just confine yourself to your home because of the snow that has made the sidewalks slippery and turned them into accident magnets. Watch your step when you try to take a stroll outside. Walking on grass surfaces is a sound precaution along with wearing shoes made with soles that are slip-resistant.

Avoid Wearing Heels
Shoes with high heels are always a bad idea for women dealing with osteoporosis. You can never be too safe because tiny cracks on the sidewalk can make you fall any time of the day leaving you with fractured bones and a whole load of pains.

De-clutter House
Having wires spread around the house by your teenage kids or toys lying here and there in your house can become indicators to potential fractures. You can always trip on a cable or a skate board and fall. It is better to keep your house clear of messy things. Ask your kids to place their toys and musical instruments in a proper place away from the floor.

Be slow
There’s no need to run for the phone or the door as soon as you hear the bell ring. Take your time and walk slowly and carefully. Being in a hurry can cause permanent damages to your bones by falling down the stairs on slipping in the bathroom because someone’s at the door. Don’t run after moving elevators either. It’s going to come back eventually, just wait and stay safe.

Accident Proofing
Make your house accident proof by installing devices that reduce the chances of accidents to a great extent. For example, you can use adhesive rubber mats in your bathroom along with skid-proof rugs in the hall. Installing protective railings on the staircase are also a good option.

Your bone health is not something that can be compromised with. There are accidents lurking everywhere. All you have to do is be careful and watch your step at all times.

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