Combination of Rum & Coke for Weight Loss

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Rum and Coke Diet for Weight LossBeverages that are alcoholic can have a significant amount of calorie contribution to the daily diet which can make it harder to control one’s weight.  When a person tries to shed some weight, every calorie intake really matters, even those coming from liquid intakes. Being aware of the calorie count that one consumes from the alcoholic beverages will be of great help in keeping track how it impacts his or her diet.


Calories in Rum

Rum is responsible for all those calories on a rum and diet coke drink. The usual rum and diet coke drink contains one shot, which means it has 1oz of rum. A single diet coke and rum drink can give a person 65 calories and when you have double shot, you can get about 130 calories.  The exact amount of calorie content may have slight variation depending on the rum of brand that was used to make the drink.


Calories in Diet Coke

Diet Coke is a soda which is sugar free and which do not contain any calories. There is also a diet coke which is caffeine-free. The Phelylalanine, which may be found on artificial sweeteners used on diet sodas like the diet coke, poses health risks to those individuals with genetic disorder concerning their metabolism. Thus, if one is suffering from metabolic disorder known as phenyketonuria, it is a must that he is able to check on the warning labels for the artificial sweetener content.

It is a very common misconception of many people that weight loss and alcohol are mortal enemies. The real account about this two can be very quite surprising. In fact, there are many health authorities that certified that alcohol intake is not really a deal breaker when it comes to burning fats. While alcohol such as rum contains calories, its caloric content per gram is significantly lesser than fat. It also benefits the metabolism of a person when being taken on a moderate level. When taken moderately, it helps in the activation of the enzyme known as AMP kinase. This enzyme is responsible for insulin sensitivity and when activated can lower blood glucose, triglycerides, and body weight. The intake of rum can also help in the increased activity of the catecholamine in the body which helps in burning fat as it keeps the metabolism burning.


Caloric Balance and Risks

To have a healthy weight, a person needs to burn the calories taken in a given day. In order that he may lose weight, he needs to burn more calories than what he consumed which will

create caloric deficit as the body will be forced to use the stored energy and fats. Moderate intake of alcoholic beverages can help in achieving this caloric deficit. Moderate intake is defined as one drink in a day or around 1.5 oz of distilled alcoholic beverage like rum. But, for those who are taking medication or who are pregnant, they must not drink alcoholic beverages as it can lead to undesirable consequences.


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