Egg Soup

Quick Easy Meal Recipe: Skinny Egg Soup

Why “Skinny” Egg Soup? When trying to lose weight and tone, I have a set of easy, quick meals that I know I can make quickly and easily. The meals are all based around the same groups of ingredients, that way I don’t have to buy any more food than absolutely necessary. One of the ingredients I always keep in my house is eggs. They are honestly one of the best protein sources you’ll find – and they’re incredibly cheap! Along with […]

Roasting Your Garlic To Perfection

Roasting your average garlic cloves and serving them up with meats and poultry cooked on a flame can leave you completely satisfied with a juicy and delicious meal. You can also use these freshly cooked lustrous golden cloves as a topping for cooked hot vegetables. A cooled version of roasted garlic can also be added to a salad. Parboiled cloves of garlic can be used for frying in a blend of oil and sugar with a few drops of seasoning. […]