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4 Exercise Routines To Lose Weight FAST

Is it really possible to GET FIT FAST? Lots of diets and cleansing programs claim that they have the quick-fix solution to weight loss, but many of us are left wondering if it’s really true. Knowing that we will have to sacrifice in order to gain temporary gratification, we tend to do whatever it takes to get us there, no matter the cost. Quick fix solutions definitely work, however they won’t continue to work. YOU have to continue to work. […]

Seven Ways to Avoid Panicking

We all panic; it’s natural to do so. What is not so natural is being overwhelmed by it and being unable to function properly. We are put in a state of adrenaline rush when our mind is overtaken by real or imaginary fear. This does not only affect our thinking but also makes it difficult for us to behave in an appropriate manner. For this reason it is important to learn how to avoid panicking. The following seven ways will […]

Roasting Your Garlic To Perfection

Roasting your average garlic cloves and serving them up with meats and poultry cooked on a flame can leave you completely satisfied with a juicy and delicious meal. You can also use these freshly cooked lustrous golden cloves as a topping for cooked hot vegetables. A cooled version of roasted garlic can also be added to a salad. Parboiled cloves of garlic can be used for frying in a blend of oil and sugar with a few drops of seasoning. […]

Under-cooked Chicken And Its Health Dangers

In a health conscious world, it is everyone’s priority to stay fit and healthy. For this reason, people prefer the safer white meat over its red alternative. Though it is correct to consider white meat as the healthier option, if under-cooked, even this type can be a cause of several health problems. This article specifically talks about under-cooked chicken meat. It is important to realize the signs which make it evident that the chicken meat we are eating is under-cooked. […]
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A Different Breakfast – Ten Days, Ten Egg Recipes

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods in the world. They are used all around the world to make different dishes. Given below are 10 unique egg dishes that you can cook to enhance your breakfast experience. 1. Fried Eggs It’s one of the most common and easy to cook egg dishes. Heat a little oil in a pan and put an egg in it. Cook it on both sides until it changes color. You can keep your yolk the […]

5 Super Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

Okay, let us start our discussion on healthy food items to eat during pregnancy by saying at the outset; you do not have to eat for two! Contrary to advice from nutritionist and physicians, women around the world find it difficult to dispel the above stated myth. According to doctors all over the world, a healthy grown-up woman needs about 2100 calories per day, where as a pregnant woman needs about 2500 calories per day and a breastfeeding mother needs about […]