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The 3 Week Diet

10 Ways to Handle Cosmetics with Care

Cosmetics are a billion dollar industry with new products showing up every now and then. Some promise the reduction of fine lines while others make you look less oily. Almost every woman invests in...


3 Causes of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

For those of you who just asked “what the heck is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation”, let me first clear that up for you. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the discoloration of your skin after an inflammatory...


Turmeric: Why It Benefits Your Skin

Turmeric is one of the most popular spices in Asian countries, known for its healing benefits. But did you ever wonder what it can do to your skin? Surprisingly, turmeric is a magic spice...


Age Spots – Causes and Prevention

There are many people who are looking for natural age spot remedies. Generally thought of as being caused by aging, these spots often appear as a result of other causes, as well. Also called...