Busting the Most Common Body Myths

August 23, 2012 Comments Off

A myth is a longstanding belief without any factual basis to support it. Here is an analysis of the most common body myths and the truth associated with them.

Crossing eyes will make them stick that way
This is nothing more than a scare tactic. Cross-eye is a medical condition where one eye is straight while the other is crooked. This has nothing to do with the convergence of both the eyes whilst looking at the tip of the nose.

Reading in the dark affects eyesight
Wrong again, as per eye doctors. The worst that can happen is some stress on the eyes. Apart from that, reading in the dark has no impact on the eyes.

Carrots improve vision
Until and unless you are suffering from Vitamin A deficiency, carrots will not be able bring any improvement in your eyesight.

We make use of only 10% of our brain
This again is false. Scientists have termed the brain as a computer where we make use of specific programs for specific purposes. Therefore, we do make use of all of our brain, just not at the same time.

Swallowed gum takes seven years to digest
Gum does indeed consist of a digestible as well as indigestible portion. Nevertheless, it takes gum no longer than any other digestible food to get evacuated by the body, as per doctors.

The way a mother carries her baby can tell about the baby’s sex
Doctors have found no evidence in support of this theory and have ruled it as an unreliable method of figuring out a baby’s sex.

Plaque removal loosens teeth
Most interestingly, the opposite of this is true. Accumulated plaque on teeth can convert into tartar which, if not removed, can compromise dental health.

A cold shower can weaken sexuality
Doctors have found no link between the two. This is most certainly a myth with no relevance at all.

Only women possess a biological clock
Time takes its toll on men’s fertility as well. Studies have shown men over 45 with poor sperm quality.

Hair grow faster after being cut
According to Dermatologists, hairs grow at a standard rate all the time. Thus, cutting it often won’t make a difference.

Knuckle-cracking cause arthritis
Studies have shown that the popping sound is nothing but air getting displaced in the joints, having no links with arthritis whatsoever.

You gain weight if you eat after eight
As per nutritionists, you gain weight only because you are unable to burn off excess calories. Therefore, weight gain has no links with eating after a specific time.

Scaring someone cures their hiccups
Doctors say this to be true only in theory. This is because all you are trying to do is break the momentum of a spasm caused in a hiccup.

Tanning booths free of UVB rays are safe
According to doctors, UVA rays are as harmful as UVB rays and are linked with causing cancer. This is nothing more than a marketing trick.

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