Best Way to Protect Your Skin from Autumn Effects

September 16, 2012 Comments Off

Seasonal changes are prominently visible on the skin. There’s not much you can do except for enjoying the spring weather but the summer, your skin needs hydration along with protection from the sun and moisturizing during winter. For humid climates, it needs to be set free of persisting oil developments giving space for bacterium development.

You know autumn’s here when you find a mess of dried leaves lying around the lawn. With a crunch and a scratch there, you begin to realize that it’s time to make some changes in your pattern of skincare.

Here’s a few tips that will help you blow away skin problems like autumn leaves on gardening day.

Sunscreen Skin Protection
Sunscreen application is recommended for each and every single day throughout the year. Dropping and increasing temperatures shouldn’t lessen its use as SPF containing products can save you from the lurking sun damage getting through to your skin even on days where the sky is full of clouds.

When you’re in a hurry, you usually tend to opt for putting on makeup rather than just some kind of sunscreen. You can apply both by using makeup and moisturizers mixed in with SPF. Products like Dermologica’s’ Sheer Tint Moisture’,’ Dynamic Skin Recovery’, and ‘Ultra-calming Redness Relief’, are everyday products that are infused with SPF.

After-Effects of summer
During the summer, your skin can fall victim to dehydration, which in turn causes the appearance of fine lines. These lines are formed due to the moisture loss caused by excessive sun exposure. These lines tend to deepen even after the arrival of autumn because the body’s heating system still carries on. Keep your skin hydrated by using a proper moisturizer that will help stabilize the skin’s moisture status.

Moisturizing Dry Skin
You may be experiencing a cool autumn, but your skin is still being ripped off of its moisture with dry winds and persistent body heat. Cold temperatures can turn your skin into a peeling remnant of the glowing skin it once was. Flakiness is a common issue among women having dry skin.

Opt for a moisturizer with greater consistency to help your skin regain and protect its moisture. For a powerful moisturizing regime; apply Dermologica’s ‘Super Rich Repair, ‘Skin Smoothing Cream’ or ‘Intensive Moisture Balance’.
Oily skin also becomes prone to dryness during colder seasons. To avoid outbreaks and retaining your skin moisture at once, apply an oil-free moisturizer that’s been manufactured for oily skin. Try Dermologica’s ‘Active Moist’ for a smooth and oil-free skin.

Skin Shielding
The environment plays a major part in the maintenance and care of a healthy skin. Most environmental factors like gusty winds, rain and influencing sunlight tend to dry up the skin of moisture and binding resistance. Damage is increased with a direct effect on the lipid obstruction levels.

Products like Dermologica’s ‘Barrier Repair’ help maintain the natural lipid barrier in the body acting as a defending booster. Shielding boosters can help you stay away from potential damages incurring from environmental factors.

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