Best Tips to Recover From The Trauma of an Abusive Relationship

August 2, 2012 Comments Off

It is indeed relieving to get over with an abusive relationship. But unfortunately, this is not the end of it all. The traumatic past leaves some permanent and painful scars that are not easy to deal with. A breakup may lead to personality disorders and could make you feel confused and lost. Since it is not easy to get over an abusive relationship, you may need to boost your determination, motivation and will power for a long period.

The best way to leave your past behind with a much stronger mind, you must fight off the traumatic effects of an abusive relationship. Take it as a challenge, combat it, and regain your strength and confidence.

You can do this by:


If you really want to deal with this, accept it first. Accept that you are over with the relationship and you no longer will have to face the abusive relationship again. Accept that you are finally free from the person who tortured and abused you in the relationship. Stay determined and keep your focus on how you have been abused instead of looking back at the good times you two shared in order to stay strong. Only if you are able to accept this truth of your life, will you be determined in dealing with it too.

Seek Refuge with Friends

Friends are our second family. These are the people we are most comfortable with. However, when we get engaged in relationships, we eventually lose contact with most of them.

If you have just gotten over with an abusive relationship, seek refuge with friends. They will always understand and help you even if you have not been in touch with them. Recall the good old times you people shared together. Trust them because your friends know the trick of bringing you out of your misery.


Being in an abusive relationship, you leave behind the spark of your personality, your interests, hobbies, as well as your likes and dislikes. But now that you are over with that phase of your life, pursue your interest and hobbies again. Construct a list of all the things that have always excited you and make you happy. Feel free to try them all out. Living the way you have always wanted to be will help you explore the side of you that you didn’t know. Reform your life by living the dreams you had forgotten about during the relationship.

Take It as a Lesson

The biggest advice – learn from your experiences. It is an integral part of recovering from the trauma of an abusive relationship. Look deeper into how you have been in the relationship to see what role you played. Maybe you were too submissive to encourage the abusive act from your partner. Figure out and learn and don’t repeat the mistakes again.

It is obvious that many things are easier said than done. But if you revive the wish to live a better life again, your efforts will definitely be worth it!

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