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Best Tips to Dressing According Your Body Shape

A woman’s body may be shaped in a pear, apple or an hourglass but highlighting these shapes is a tough task. You have to find clothing that suits your body shape or else any type of clothing be it a designer gown or seats, will ruin your visible impression. Your beautiful body may get hidden with the shabby or unfit dressing you’ve chosen.

That’s why it’s imperative for you to understand your body shape and dress accordingly. The following are descriptions of body shapes and guidelines to dress in accordance.

Pear Shape
Women having a large bottom with a somewhat smaller bust are said to have a pear shaped body. This shape defines an ideal look for a woman’s body with a slender waist line with narrow shoulders and ribs and a wide hip line. Twenty percent of the total female population consists of women having a pear shaped body. By keeping the following tips in mind, you can create an illusion of possessing a slim butt and hips.

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What to Wear

  • Opt for clothes that are belted to the waist directing all the attention to your slim waistline. You could shop for A-line or flared skirts and a dress with empire line for a slender waist.
  • Wear tops with intense colors and puffy sleeves to divert the attention away from your bottom. Striped and printed shirts are also a good option.
  • Try buying jeans that are straight cut instead of the tight skinny ones. This will even out your look avoid too much attention towards your broad hips. Women with a slender waist should look for clothes that have an elevated waistline.
  • Cascading skirts work great for a heavy bottom. Shop for clothing that starts underneath the navel to avoid the appearance of unusual lumps.
  • Tops with especially large necklines are a great way to add some elegance to those narrow shoulders. You could also add some volume in the shoulder region with some ruffles to balance the look of your body with the lower half.
  • Adding some height to your body can give you a slimmer look. Wear heels and a flowing shirt-dress that compliments your shape.

Hourglass Shape
Women having a narrow waist with equal measurements of the bust and hip are considered to have the ideal hourglass body shape. Among the entire female population present around the globe, only eight percent women are said to possess this body type. Hourglass women have an advantage of being able to wear dresses that are designed for other shape types i.e. pear shape and apple shape including their own.

What to Wear

  • Avoid shopping for loose clothes as they’ll hide your curves. Clothes like straight tunics and baggy tops tend to cover up your slim waistline.
  • Try on jackets that are single breasted and v-line. The jacket length will depend on your clothes. For example, if you’re planning to be dressed in a skirt, then you could choose a shorter jacket while trousers will look great with a slightly longer jacket.
  • Choose fabrics that are light in texture as thick ones can add excess weight to your curves.
  • Stay away from baggy and skinny jeans and opt for flared pants or other jeans cuts which can flatter your prominent hourglass shape.
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