Be Careful – Over-sharing Can Help You Lose your Job Easily

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Job interviews are one of the interesting things a job seeker comes across. In most cases, they are surprising as well. This happens when you are really not sure about what to say in a particular situation, how to respond to an awkward pause and when you say something that you should not have said.

The most common interview mistakes are unfortunately the most obvious ones such as badmouthing your ex-employer, not knowing much either about the company or the post applied for and over sharing without even thinking about what you are saying. identified on its list of job blunders that many geniuses even ask for a ride home from their interviewer after an interview or do not realize while flushing that they are having a phone interview. And then they complain they did not get hired.

Despite all this, there is one good thing about job interviews. They give you an awesome opportunity to learn what to say or what not to in your next interview. You can even share your experience with others so that they do not do the same as you did. The following are some other disastrous experiences during a job interview that might save your life.

‘I Am Going Through Anger Management Because I Hit a Co-Worker’

It was a reply to a question when Shilonda Downing – owner of Virtual Work Team asked an interviewee why he would like to work as a telecommuter. This reply did not help the candidate get a job, instead it compelled Downing to think about his aggressive and unprofessional attitude. She says that mentioning such things unless inquired can be a dangerous sign and can raise red flags in the mind of a prospective employer.

‘I Take Xanax before A Meeting or A Presentation Because I Get Nervous’

Chenofsky Singer – coach of the career management was interviewing a candidate who claimed to be a great employee. The problem was that she was speaking incredibly slowly that made Singer wonder if she was not feeling well. When inquired if she was feeling OK the candidate replied that since she feels nervous before a meeting or a presentation, she takes a Xanax.

Nervousness before an interview is inevitable. However, taking medicine to treat this natural phenomenon can have adverse effects on your health. In this case, the interview took a new turn and Singer seemed to be more concerned about the candidate’s health rather than showing interest in her qualifications.

Itching and Scratching

Bourjolly Smith – a professional recruiter was recruiting a candidate for the position of Sales Director. There was nothing wrong with this candidate until he slid his hand inside his socks and started scratching. Obviously, he did not get selected because Bourjolly could imagine if this was his ‘professional’ attitude with a recruiter, how he would react in front of a client. By doing this, not only did she save her client, she also made sure not to shake hands with this unhygienic person.

‘I Locked A Mentally Disabled Person In a Library Because He Refused To Obey Me’

Once Bruce Hurwitz – author of A Hooker’s Guide to Getting a Job: Parables from the Real World of Career Counseling and Executive Recruiting” was so inspired by a candidate that he referred him to his client for a final interview. What this ‘ideal candidate’ revealed later shocked him.

When questioned about a real life example of treating psychiatric patients, he admitted that he once locked a mentally-challenged person in a library just because he disobeyed him and entered the library despite him forbidding it.

Hurwitz suggests not mentioning such harsh real-life examples in job interviews as they can go against you.

‘My Husband Died In A Bad Drug Deal’

Given the responsibility to hire nursing staff, Holly Wolf nearly found a ‘good nurse’ when she suddenly told her that she wanted to become a nurse because she wants to be a role model for her children. She then told Wolf that her husband had died already and then Wolf heard the most shocking part of this conversation – her husband was involved in illegal activities and died because a deal went bad.

This is a classic case of over sharing. If she had not shared this detail, the woman would have gotten the job.

Be sure when you are going for an interview that you do not share more than what is asked at the moment. A job interview is enough to make your first good impression and this is sometimes more important than your qualifications.

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