Bad Habits That Result In Severe Back Pain

May 4, 2012 Comments Off

It is astounding to know that 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can range from a dull ache to a constant stabbing sensation that will disrupt a person’s life. Back pain is not only caused from injuries but repeated behavior that stress our bodies. If you want to avoid battling with back pain or are already suffering from it, then here are seven habits that you should avoid, to prevent back pain:

Bad habit # 1: Not exercising
According to Nancy E.Epstein, who works at Winthrop-University Hospital as the chief of neurological spine, if you do not exercise daily, then you will have a poor posture that will increase lower-back pain. She recommends back pain prevention exercises like Pilates and other cardiovascular exercises like bicycling, swimming and walking to improve your body’s flexibility.

Bad habit # 2: Having a bad posture
Tae M.Shin who works as an orthopedic spine surgeon says bad posture strains your muscles. This puts tremendous stress on your spine. To make it worse, bad posture can change the anatomical characteristics of your spine. To improve your posture, always stand on your knees slimly bent and with one foot forward so that its takes the pressure of your back. In addition, the best sitting posture is sitting on your knees slightly lower than your hips.

Bad habit #3: Lifting objects incorrectly
When you lift heavy objects, always bend your knees and then use the power of your legs to lift the object. Make sure you keep your weight close to your body and do not twist or jerk your body unexpectedly.

Bad Habit # 4: Being overweight
If you are overweight, then be prepared for regular backaches. According to Shin, individuals who are particularly overweight in the mid-section will put more stain on their back muscles because it will shift the center of gravity forward. Always try to maintain your ideal weight by exercising regularly and eating healthy.

Bad Habit # 5: Stop smoking
Smoking causes various problems in the body, and back pain is one of them. According to an expert, nicotine stops the blood’s flow to the discs. This will cushion your vertebrae as well as an increase the rate of degenerative change.

Bad habit # 6: Not eating enough food that contains vitamin D and calcium
The nutrients mentioned above are vital for bone strength. It will also stop the pain in your back.

Bad Habit # 7 : Keeping sedentary
It is counter-productive to limit your movements or activities when you are experiencing back pain. However, if you are constantly moving, the movement will increase your blood flow in the affected area and reduce muscle tension.

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