Avoid Procrastination and Complete your Work on Time

June 6, 2012 Comments Off

We patiently see our bedroom getting messed up enough to seem as it is ravaged by a natural catastrophe. We wait until the bin is overflowing, dozens of dishes stack up on the table; your laundry-baskets get overrun by dirty clothes and your daily usage stuff like bag packs, files, copies and books find a place on your bed.

Being worried about clearing up the mess that adds up with time leaves many adverse effects on you. A messed up home increases stress, you feel more scattered, you get easily annoyed; you are not motivated to do anything good, and when you can’t find your car keys or wallet in the nick of time, things get real horrible. Although, at first it looks like a task that will take an eternity to complete, in reality, it can be dealt within minutes depending upon the rubble you have stored.

An Activity for Parents

As a parent, you take the responsibility of your child’s care seriously. No doubt, you try not to let your child’s room get messy but doing all the household tasks for your child can make them more dependent on you. As your children grow up, they must learn to adapt household tasks like cleaning their own room. Do this:

  • Stop cleaning your child’s room and tell him to clean it himself.
  • He might clean it for a few days, but soon he will start to dread, and the room will begin to turn into a wreck.
  • Wait until the room gets unbearably clean and your kid starts to feel the pain.
  • Keep on urging your child to clean it.
  • Now that your child understands the consequences of procrastinating, plan a weekend and tell him to clean room with you.
  • On the weekend, don’t clean yourself but stand by your child and guide and watch him clean the room. To his surprise, the room will be cleaned within 15 minutes or so.

Such practices teach your children to realize the importance of regular maintenance to keep things organized in a better way. This will also teach your child the aftermath of dreading for longer periods and will instigate them to take action earlier next time.

Just Do It!

You must have realized by now that the only way out from dreading is to just do it. Before starting the work, you feel like you don’t have enough time, and you keep on procrastinating and delaying. Although, the truth is that you usually have enough time to not only clean up clutter but also organize it in a better way. So stop slacking and take some action now.

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