Appetizers: What’s good and what’s not

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Appetizers are the fun part of a meal, which help you curb your hunger until the main course arrives. Appetizers can be delicious and fun to eat but one has to watch out for those salt and calorie intakes as well. While some of these delicacies can be mouthwatering, they can be full of calories that you don’t have any need to put on.

Appetizers can be both good and bad for your health, depending on the ingredients and the fat levels.

Fried Onion: Bad
While fried onion appetizers like the onion blossom may look delicious and alluring, they’re not that nutritious. Some people might think that consuming a vegetable as an appetizer is healthy. It is, but not for foods like onion blossoms that contain more than 150 grams of fat per serving stuffed with almost 2000 calories and a hefty amount of four thousand milligrams of sodium.

Grilled Vegetables: Good
Vegetable kabobs that are grilled using herb marinade. They are ideal appetizers for any occasion. The best part about these kabobs is that they retain their nutritional value even after being cooked. A serving of two kabobs can have about seventy five calories in them with two grams of fat and 6 grams of fiber, which is necessary for digestion.

Nachos and Cheese Dip: Bad
Chili cheese nachos not only sound delicious but they pose as a treat for the eyes too. These melted cheese dip appetizers contain more than four thousand milligrams of sodium which is double the daily consumption limit. Not only that, the fat concentration is a hundred and seven grams per serving adding a definite inch or two to your waste if consumed frequently.

Peppers and Salsa: Good
A healthy alternative for those heavy cheese dips you eat outside is a mixture of sliced peppers dipped in salsa. This appetizer is entirely toxin free filled with no more than fifty calories per serving. You could use bell peppers of different colors to give it a colorful and attractive look. Sliced carrots or cucumbers can also be placed along with the peppers for a healthy and tasty dip.

Fried Cheese Sticks: Bad
When you see fried sticks oozing with mozzarella cheese at any party or dinner event, you start thinking about the warm cheese melting in your mouth and you know you just got to have one. But before you do, know that each serving of these tasty sticks is loaded with almost a thousand calories with forty eight grams of fat and 2,640 milligrams of sodium waiting to enter your body.

Green Pods: Good
Known as Edamame, these green pods are served as a popular appetizer, mostly in Asian restaurants. You can open these pods yourself having a look at immature soy beans that are easy to eat along with being tasty. A serving of this appetizer has as little as one hundred and twenty two calories with five grams of fiber and fat.
Appetizers have been developed over the years into colorful and delicious servings. But you have to be careful about the calorie and fat intake these visually delightful dishes have to offer. Choose a healthy appetizer and keep your waist number under control.

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