Ten Ways to Keep Your Wedding Food Cost Low

September 25, 2012 Comments Off

Couples dream of serving their wedding guest with some of the best food and drinks available in town but only have the budget for some food from a local restaurant.

The costs of food can easily blow 50% of the budget. Selecting the wedding cake, alcohol and food is one of the toughest decisions taken by people for their wedding reception.

One way to cut costs is to reduce the number of guest. But there are other ways of efficiently cutting wedding costs without compromising on quality. Here are some of the ways of cutting wedding costs.

Reduce the Number of Dishes
Why have three main courses when one or two would work fine? Reducing the number of dishes will lead to substantial costs savings.

Cake is the Best Sweet Dish
Cake is probable the best sweet dish as it can completely eliminate the need of serving another sweet dish. Serving the cake after the meal is a good option to cut costs.

Serve Kids a Separate Meal
Kids should be served a meal that is light and fun to eat. Kid’s meals are usually cheaper and considering around 10% of your guest will be kids this can lead to some handsome savings.

Order Food that is in Season
Food that is in-season and grown locally costs less and taste better. This leads to costs savings as well as delicious food.
Serve the Appetizers Instead of a Buffet

Buffets require more food to be arranged. Instead ask for waiters to serve the appetizers. The costs of hiring waiters will definitely be less compared to the savings.

Culinary Programs
Culinary programs are a great way to cut down on costs. Since students will be preparing your meals instead of chefs, you can estimate that about 60% of your costs can be saved.

Brunch Saves Costs
Sticking to brunch instead of the traditional wedding reception will lead to tremendous cost savings. You will save on food as well as drinks as research shows that people don’t drink that much at brunches.

Avoid the Shots
If you intend to host an open bar, the bartender should be asked not to serve rounds. Research shows that several glasses of alcohol may remain unconsumed if shots are allowed.

Plan your Schedule
Your Schedule should be planned in a way that it does not overlap with major meal times. In this way you can serve light means.

Bring Your Own Beer
Having your wedding reception near a store that offers discounts on purchase of alcohol can save you a lot of cash. Alcohol is one of the most expensive items at a wedding, so if you want to cut costs then you know how to do it.

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