9 Tips to Save Money on Gas

May 28, 2012 Comments Off

In a typical American family, transportation stands second highest in household expenses with housing on the first. An average American family spends around $7,633 on transport every year. This transportation expenditure can be significantly reduced by being just a bit more conscious about your vehicle’s fuel consumption.
Here are some tips that will help you save considerable amounts from your gas expenditure.

Tip 1: Avoid Personal Transport
Yes, you don’t like it, but it will always stay the best way to save on gas. Avoiding traveling in your car; try to travel on foot, public transport or a bicycle. This will help you save thousands, and it will be eco friendly.

Tip 2: Keep Your Car as Light as Possible
Your car increases fuel consumption by 1 to 2% with every increase of 100 pounds load on it. So stop using your car as your attic and take out all the stuff you have stored on it. (Just leave the emergency equipment.)

Tip 3: Sudden Brakes
Slamming on either of both, the brakes or the accelerator increases the load on your engine; therefore, try driving smooth and relaxed.

Tip 4: Turn Off the Engine
Whenever you stop your car for more than 30 seconds, turn the engine off. This will save you more than you expect. America alone wastes 1.9 billion gallons of gasoline in traffic jams. Try to use detours to traffic jams, but if you get stuck in one, turn the engine off and wait until the road clears.

Tip 5: Tire’s Alignment
Tires that are not properly aligned can cause the unnecessary load on your engine. Excess load of any type on the engine causes evaporation of more gas. Get your tires aligned in the best way possible to ensure a smooth, free and easy rotation of tires.

Tip 6: Tighten Up Your Gas Cap
Gasoline is a volatile liquid. It stays liquid only under pressure and evaporates quickly in the open atmosphere. If your gas cap is not properly sealed, gas will leak through it and so will your money.

Tip 7: Park Under Shed
On returning from work or shopping, you hate to see your car in fiery. Now you have another reason to avoid parking your car under the sun, in a blistering car evaporation of gas becomes more likely. Gas leaks more if the gas cap is not properly sealed and on driving the consumption stays increased as more gas enters the chambers each time.

Tip 8: Inflate Tires
A test shows that if the tires are not correctly inflated, a car can lose as much as 1.3 miles every gallon of fuel burned. So inflate your tires properly to ensure easy rolling of the car.

Tip 9: Watch Your Speed
Maintaining your car’s speed between 35 to 45 miles per hour; you can save as much as 10% on your annual fuel consumption. During 1973, oil crisis, American government used to impose a special tax on areas where the speed limit was over 55 mph.

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