8 Stressors That Add More Stress to Your Life

May 26, 2012 Comments Off

Stress is a normal part of our lives. It is common to be stressed out from problems associated with money, relationship, health, children and work. However, in reality, there are many stressors in our lives that we are not even aware of. These stressors are sources of distress, but we do not realize it because such stressors involve tiny things. Accumulation of little stressors is also not good for an individual’s health. Here are some secret stressors that you should be wary of and deal with them as soon as possible:

Your Doctor
If you do not have a good relationship with your doctor, then you will dread making your next doctor’s appointment. According to research, many women dread going to their doctors because of their doctors’ lack of bedside manners or weak interpersonal skills. You do not want to go to a doctor who you believe cannot help you or who makes you feel horrible for being sick. If your doctor is like that, then its time you approach a new doctor.

Your Colleagues
Most of us believe that their boss or customers are their biggest source of stress. According to Linnda Durre, who is psychotherapist in Florida, that is not always the case. She explains that we spend most of our days with our colleagues, so there is a higher chance that we are clashing with them on work-related issues.

Your Pet
Your pet’s well-being is your responsibility. Therefore, if something happens to it, you need to rush to the vet even if its 2a.m Dr Rosemary Lictman, who works as a relationship and family expert in California, explains that even your pet can cause you anxiety if it is interfering with your work and sleep.

Your Bedroom
Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. However, it is not going to be your peaceful sanctuary if it is in a mess. In fact, if due to work your home is dirty and messy, you will dread going home every day.

Your Alarm Clock
Extensive research supports that an illuminating alarm clock can disrupt your circadian rhythms when you are sleeping. Thus, you will wake up with less or no energy. In addition, an alarm clock that rings with a loud or shrill pitch will jolt your body from sleep. This is not good because you will wake up stressed and alarmed.

Social networking sites like Facebook
Dr Lichtman describes social networking like “any relationship,” thus it will have an impact on your emotions. For example, what if your high school friend updates their Facebook’s status that says that he or she is going on a romantic two-week Mediterranean cruise for their upcoming anniversary. This would not have been bad if your relationship with your spouse was going great but what if you are in the middle of getting a divorce! In short, such status updates would make you feel inadequate and insecure.

Your Laptop
Extensive research explains that individuals who sit in front of their computer often, they exhibit strain responses like stressed arms and shoulders. This is why you should limit the time you spend on your computer because it will cause your body to become tense.

Your Bathroom’s Lightening
Dr Durre explains that recent research shows that fluorescent lighting can increase the ADD and ADHD symptoms in children. It affects their brain. Bad and strong bathrooms lightening can also make you feel insecure because it will illuminate your blemishes or wrinkles.

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