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simple ways to live longerThe common perception is that we live as long as determined by the genes of our body, but a study in 2009 in which 20,000 Europeans participated reveals that a longer life can be expected by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The study tells that avoiding alcohol intake, cigarettes, eating lots of vegetables and fruits and daily workout can reduce the risk of heart strokes by half.

Indeed, the chances of touching 100s increases if you have at least one relative who did this. Among your relatives, someone must have the tendency to become a centenarian, but unfortunately, most die prematurely because of their feeble lifestyle.

Other than the obvious ones, that is, avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol and unhealthy diet, researchers have found many things common among centenarians. Therefore, whether you have someone in your relatives who touched the 100s or not, adopting the following common habits of centenarians can reward you with a longer life expectancy.

1. Have a healthy breakfast

The breakfast you have daily leaves its affects on your blood pressure and sugar levels throughout the day. Having a healthy breakfast like fiber-rich cereals can help in controlling diseases like diabetes, which acts as the main cause of escalated aging.

2. Sleep daily for at least 6 hours

Ample amount of sleep is necessary for maintaining healthy organisms. Sleeping helps in healing the cells of a human body. It takes at least six hours for a human body to complete the healing process.

3. Workout

Working out is analogous to oiling and lubing a machine; it is not necessary, but it helps better performance and prolongs life expectancy. Hundreds of studies have highlighted several benefits of exercise. Being a fitness freak is not necessary, a 30-minute walk through your neighborhood or yoga in the morning works as well.

4. Don’t retire early

Getting retired leaves a man with nothing to do except worrying about his fate, this causes risks for chronic diseases and obesity to increase significantly. To stay active keep on working even after getting retired, start getting involved in other healthy habits like going for a walk with friends, picnics, plantation, farming and other part time working habits.

5. Flossing

Though flossing doesn’t look like much of a deal, if you don’t floss regularly bacteria accumulates between your teeth and cause gum-diseases. The bacteria then enter the blood stream and cause inflammation and thickening of arteries, which can result in cardiac diseases.

6. Eat more whole foods

White food like sugar, flour and breads lack in nutrients instead go for brown cereal and breads along with colored vegetables and fruits, which contain lots of nutrients.

7. Cherish your body with care, you have borrowed it from God

Many religions like Seventh-Day Adventist and Islam have a belief that the body is something you have borrowed from God and must be treated with care. For this reason, the followers avoid alcohol, cigarettes, sweets and other unhealthy routines. This has resulted in an average age of 89 for followers of Seventh-Day Adventist who is 10 years more than the average American’s life.

8. Be social

Elderly people start to feel lonely and cut-off from social activities; this causes depression and other mental problems that result in accelerating aging. To avoid this, have an active social life by hanging out with other elderly people in parks, clubs and neighborhood.

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