7 Pasta Dishes You Should Avoid to Live a Healthy Life

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Dieters are often terrorized by their dieticians that if they eat pasta they will sabotage the whole diet plan. This is why in spite of their intense love for pasta; dieters are compelled to keep away from their favorite food.

Ok, for one instance, let us assume that this perception of eating pasta and getting fat is true. But if this is true, Italy should be an obese nation with the maximum number of overweight people.

Ever wondered why they are not? In fact, the news that almost one-third of Americans are obese has stirred the web. But why Americans? Since we eat only 20% of dishes made with pasta compared to 60% of pasta dishes consumed by Italians.

The reason might be surprising for many of you as the core ingredient, pasta, is same in both the cuisines. What makes a real difference is other rich and creamy ingredients used in it. Yes, it is because of the worst ingredients used in preparing pasta that we gain weight easily.

The following are some such worst pasta dishes that are packed with cream, oil and butter – fair enough to increase your waistline.

7. Supermarket Pasta – Stouffer’s Restaurant Classics Fettuccini Alfredo – 630 Calories

This delicious pasta with a lot of butter, oil and cream is surely a worst choice because just a packet of it contains nearly half of the saturated fats that are required by our body on a daily basis. It means only if you eat it, there is no more room left for another meal. With 360 calories and 35g fats, this is one of the unhealthiest pasta dishes to pick from a supermarket shelve.

It’s Alternative: Try Stouffer’s Grilled Chicken & Vegetables Easy Express Skillet instead, which has more vegetables and less calories.

6. Pasta Appetizer – Olive Garden Lasagna Fritta – 1030 Calories

It is often said that unhealthy food is unfortunately, the most delectable ones. This is why when you deep fry pasta, it automatically becomes tastier. The same is true for the appetizer from Olive Garden, which becomes almost a complete meal after pasta is fried.

It’s Alternative: If you think you just cannot resist starting out your meal with a yummy starter, take Olive Garden Stuffed Mushrooms instead. It is lighter and healthier.

5. Whole Grain Pasta – Romano’s Macaroni Grill Whole Wheat Fettuccini – 1060 Calories

‘Whole wheat’ does not always mean healthy – especially when a lot of oil and grated cheese are used in it. Romano’s Macaroni is a classic example of this, where there is no doubt about the nutrition of whole wheat pasta. However, excessiveness of the stated ingredients makes this dish just so unhealthy.

It’s Alternative: Instead of oil and cream use, Romano’s Macaroni Grill Capellini w/ Arrabbiata Sauce to garnish your pasta. It is lighter and has only 570 calories.

4. Specialty Pasta – Domino’s Chicken Carbonara Breadbowl Pasta – 1,480 Calories

Domino’s is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy slices of cheesy chicken and vegetable-topped pizza. However, when you order a bowl of Breadbowl pasta, you are devastated because it has nearly 1,480 calories and 56 g fats.

It’s Alternative: Domino’s Handtossed Pizza w/ Grilled Chicken & Onions with only 550 calories and 19 g fats.

3. Cajun Pasta – T.G.I. Friday’s Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta – 1,490 calories

This dish would have been a great one if its healthy ingredients were not replaced by cheap Alfredo sauces. Unless these sauces are not added into it, the dish is a healthy combination of vegetables, seafood and fresh meat.

It’s Alternative: T.G.I. Friday’s Bruschetta Chicken Pasta with only 820 calories and 38 g fat.

2. Kids’ Pasta – The Cheesecake Factory Kid’s Pasta with Alfredo Sauce –1,810 calories

This mouth-watering dish contains four times more saturated fat than what is recommended for kid. So, if you do not want to put your kid’s health at risk, keep them away from this pasta dish.

It’s Alternative: The Cheesecake Factory Kid’s Pasta w/ Marinara Sauce – 510 calories.

1.    The Cheesecake Factory Bistro Shrimp Pasta – 2,730 calories

Unfortunately, on #1, we have the Cheesecake Factory again for another disastrous dish – this time with Bistro Shrimp Pasta. The number of calories in it emulates that of in nearly 14 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. So do you really want to have it now?

It’s Alternative: The Cheesecake Factory Fresh Grilled Salmon w/ Carrots and Broccoli with 680 calories.

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