6 Time Saving Kitchen Tips for Busy Girls

July 11, 2012 Comments Off

If you are consistently on the go, then possibilities are you require a handful of time saving kitchen tips. I like kitchen tips, which are time savers, because we have to do better things with our time than spend half of our time at the kitchen. I know I sure do! So here are a handful of time saving kitchen tips for busy girls, which you will ever stumble upon. If you are a mom, you will love these incredible times saving kitchen tips!

1. Get a Tap Filter

Setting up a filter to your kitchen tap is a fantastic idea in more ways than one. It will not only save you bucks, but you will have fresh drinking water at your fingertip any time you require it! No more clutter with vessels, water bottles, or jugs. And, your children can get a fresh water anytime they want, and if they do not drink it all, you will never think like hard-earned dollars is being thrown away like you would waste if you purchased bottled water.

2. Have a Dry-Erase Board

One of the best kitchen tips I write down is to have a dry-erase board dangling in your kitchen. You can use it for many things! Like, lists, menus, schedules, reminders and even short love notes. Also, it’s an effective way for children to amuse themselves when you are preparing a meal or on a rainy day.

 3. Keep Healthier Snacks ready

You have learn the old saying, out of sight, out of mind. Well, this is quite correct when it comes to unhealthy snacks. If you keep them ready, you will be tempted more. So keep fruit basket and many other things like granola bars around. They make for fast and healthier snacks you can eat on the run or give to your children.

 4. Get a Crock Pot

I cannot tell you that how many times this time-saving kitchen tip come useful! Crock pots are best for working moms or for dull days. You can throw a couple of ingredients in there, and after some hours you will have a delectable mouth-watering meal for your family members, and little clean-up! It works terrific for days you are gone outside until the evening.

 5. Know how to Freeze

A kitchen tip that I come across a long time ago and have been worth since then is freezing your foods! Make more, and keep the leftovers in the refrigerator. It makes a fast meal when you require it. The same applies to other things like juice, bread, cookie dough, and that type of things.

6. Use Storing Containers

There is surely nothing like looking for a bag of flour or a box of grain only to locate it stale and dried. Here is one of my favorite kitchen tips of all time! Get some effective, closed storing containers, which you can utilize to put food in. By using storage containers, you will keep your meal fresh for a long time, and saving you time and money!

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