The 3 Week Diet

6 Super Foods for Your Complexion

Food is incredible. We know that what we eat play a significant part in our weight and wellness. But do you know that these foods can also play a big part in your total complexion? Below is a list of 6 Super foods for your skin tone. These foods not only taste excellent but will assist your skin look incredible too.

1. Fresh Tomato

If you have been ever pondered what food for skins will assist fight wrinkles look no further than the tomato. Consuming tomatoes assists increase hydration, collagen production, and the toughness of your skin cells.

The 3 Week Diet

2. Green Tea

Green tea is just incredible. What it does for our skin is even better. It is loaded full of anti-oxidants and several vitamins and minerals. It will do far more for your skin tone than coffee ever will. Consider trading 1 cup of coffee for a bit of green tea.

3. Avocado

Some may say avocados are among the best foods for skin issues. High fat content maintains the skin moistened while the vitamins contain anti-inflammatories.

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4. Salmon

Salmon consists of omega-3 and 6. These are important fatty acids, which assist the repair quickly from sunburn and fight inflammation. I try to avoid burning, but it is quite good to know I can eat something as tasty as salmon to allow my skin to recover.

5. Eggs

Eggs are a useful resource of zinc making it a prime food for skin tone. You see, if you do not have adequate zinc in your diet, you are probably about to gain a dull complexion. Zinc also assists to prevent stretch marks and pimples.

6. Strawberries

Not only are strawberries loaded with anti-oxidants, but they also fix blemish to the skin’s cell membranes. This food for skin will aid you if you have acne, sun damage, or redness.

The 3 Week Diet

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